If you only had one night at HHN

My husband and I were able to snag a last minute Kids Nite Out sitter for this thursday so we are going to hit up Halloween Horror Nights! I didn’t think this would be a possibility so i’ve done ZERO research and I am scrambling. If you could only hit one or two of the haunted houses, which would you choose?

I’m a scaredy cat but my husband loves this stuff so I’m taking one for the team! I am mostly just excited to be in Universal at night and get to roam Diagon Alley at nightime :slight_smile: Also, should we be thinking about watching one of the shows? any MUST have foods? We rarely get a night off from parenting and I want to make the most of it!!!

You will not purchase express pass?

Beetle juice is the one house that I would say has very few “scares”. It is fun. Do not miss Wicked Growth. The design of that house, walls/floors/everything just make it so special.


When are you going? Will you be doing Stay & Scream (where you enter the park as a normal day guest and stay in the park for HHN)? How late are you willing to stay? What are your goals for the night?

We will be there this Thursday, Oct 7th. We will be in the parks all day (I’m activating an annual pass thursday morning). Taking our toddler back to Portofino around 5:30 for a kids nite out babysitter and headed straight back to park! We are willing to stay as late as we need to. I’d like to do one or two houses for sure. Walk around the scare zones and possibly catch both shows. It sounds like Wicked Growth is one that isn’t to be missed, and I might be interested in beetlejuice b/c it sounds less scary :slight_smile: I’m mostly just happy to be there and would like to know if I should try to hit the houses early or later? Are ride waits pretty low? I’d probably like to ride Gringotts if i can. and Mummy.

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Ok so you likely won’t be able to do stay & scream due to the babysitter situation. You should be able to get a good chunk of houses done along with seeing Diagon at night, the shows, and some rides.

See the first showing of Nightmare Fuel and show up at least 30 minutes before show time, the show is incredibly popular and fills to capacity. Marathon of Mayhem has walk up availability most of the time.

As for houses, Wicked Growth is a smart choice. BJ and Hill House consistently have the longest lines of the evening. Others I’d suggest are Hill House, Puppet Theater, Bride of Frankenstein, and Icons.

As for more, check the review post linked earlier in the thread.

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The other house I read was good was Haunting of Hill House but I haven’t been yet. Doing Hollywood on Saturday and Orlando on Halloween so I can’t give advice yet.