If you have the chance to stay at Bungalows.. will you?

Hi… out of curiosity… if you have the chance to stay at the Poly bungalows (vs two connecting studios)… will you take it?
Pros? Cons?

Are you doing this on cash or points? I just looked at the points and the bungalows are more than 3 times the points per night for two studios? Yes, I would do it but not for those points.


If it were for the same amount of money/points, sure.
If more, no. We are park people, though, so a bungalow for premium $$ would be wasted on us.

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Tricky question, in my book it’s one of the nicest looking accomodations in WDW (and the Polynesian in general one of the nicest resorts), but even if I had an unlimited budget, I’m not sure I could stomach the cost. I’m not very educated when it comes points etc so I’m only talking in terms of $.

But it does look very cool, the only accomodation that imo is in the same category is a cabin at FW. Price wise too…

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Not on my dime. But if someone else is paying - absolutely!


The only downside I can see is that when we took the boat from MK to the Poly last week, there were a lot of horns to announce arrival and departure. Hearing those every 30 minutes all day long would get pretty annoying.


Yes… it is tricky LOL… a big splurge with some cons (how much time parks vs bungalow? Noise?)… but a big excitement at getting there… live and enjoy… hehehe

good point on the noise of boats etc. I personally hate the water parade, which I imagine will be unavoidable there, but thats just me

We are renting points for an upcoming stay, and I explained to my kids how much it was to do so. My daughter then wanted to see the points chart for our stay and when she realized it was over $2000 a night to stay in a bungalow, she just shook her head. She’s 11. At least she gets it!

I’m over here celebrating the room a one bedroom will give, since that’s what we can afford - man, I can’t imagine all that space! But I agree that the boat horns could put me over the edge. I like sleeping.

No, I wouldn’t. It’s just an extra walk from everything I want to do at Poly. My best friend stayed at one and while nice it’s honestly not enough nicer to convince me to stay there. Sleeping wise, her group was just as happy at SSR. LOL.