If you have rented DVC points

I am not a DVC member but would love to be able to stay in the GF DVC 2 BR Villas. How does it work in terns of finding a DVC owner at GF and then renting the points?


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Try Dave’s DVC vacations

In my case, I have a friend who is an owner, and I rent directly from her.

I have booked with DVC Rental Store twice without issues (so far, second time is in late March). It costs more to rent from them than a private owner, but there is a lot less risk. Both times I was able to secure points for late March/early April at the 7.5 month mark. I wanted Epcot resorts which can be hard to get at less than 7 months due to Flower & Garden festival, hence the booking at 7.5 months. With our first time renting, I paid the deposit on Friday and by Monday my request was fulfilled at Beach Club Villas. This time I wanted Boardwalk Villas, put in the deposit late Sunday night, and got the congrats email by 11am that next day. Very easy to do, Katrina has been great to work with.

We’ve rented from both DVC Rental Store and David’s DVC Rental. Had good experiences with both. Just remember if you’re putting in a request for a highly sought after room, make sure and do it early!

I’ve used DVC Rental Store twice and Lindsay has been great. Since you cannot cancel (even if you get their “cancel for any reason” policy, it only refunds you half the amount you’ve paid, I always buy travel insurance for our trip. It’s not been that expensive and I just consider it part of the cost of the trip. I think there’s a website www.insuremytrip.com that you can compare a bunch of travel insurance companies and plans.

Have fun!

Another vote for DVC Rental Store as well. Absolute breeze to deal with! Pick your days, pick your resort, pays your monies and you’re done.

Once again I would suggest Magical Vacations Travel agency. MVT is well known out here and they have great discounts. I you are dead set on DVC though, then that is what you should do.