If you had to pick your most Magical Memory

When my DD was not quite 2 we went and saw Voyage of the Little Mermaid. When it was over she looked at me and said, “ I knew they were real!” With the biggest smile and gleam in her eyes. So magical


I decided when my boys were in 1st and 2nd grade it was time to take them to DLR. DH is not a “traveler” and was very resistant. I however can be very persuasive. We went on a 3 day trip (all I could get DH to agree to). DH was grouchy and kind of a bear throughout the the trip. Luckily the boys were so enthralled by everything and didn’t seem to notice. On the 3rd morning we were riding KC Jr’s Train and our youngest spontaneously jumped into his Dads arms and said “thank you! This is the best trip ever!” DH smirked at me while still hugging DS and said, “okay. I get it now.” I even got a picture of that moment. But wish it was a video :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love this thread!

That oughta do it. I have a ton of magic memories these recent years… but this one… this one is going to stick with me for a while. :relieved:


Yes I remember that one. That was Chef Mickey’s and Minnie had come over. Awesome picture.


This is my favorite “vicarious” moment.


I have been to WDW so many times over the last 30+ years. The one moment that sticks in my head was just 2 years ago. I had organized a trip of 11 family members at Christmas. Many of which had never been and some that had never been at Christmas time. Our first day at MK we went to the MVMCP. Those that have been know when you enter the park in the evening they direct you down a semi behind the scenes alley that runs parallel and yo the right of main street. The path lets you out just next to the Tomorrowland Terrace bathrooms. Just as we exited we got our firdt view of the fully lit castle. Just seeing the look in everyone’s eyes was amazing. It was at that point that i knew all my hard work planning a vacation for so many was all worth it.


Yeah my other too Magical moment was seeing the look onDD’s face when she saw the castle that first morning. :heart:


Yes when my DD5 saw castle and then everyone came out for the opening show. Her face was pure happiness… while dd2 kept pointing at Minnie Minnie! Yea worth every penny spent for that one moment! Also why MK will always be our first stop!


This picture is mine…this was on our last evening in MK last September. (Me, DH, and DS 5 and 8 at the time) It started raining a little while we were on BTMRR (which was really fun, btw!) and when we got off, we were treated to the most magical rainbow ever!


Oh wow!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I have two.

  1. Our first trip with our boys. DH and I went many moons ago, a year after we were married. But it was about 14 years later we went with them. Now youngest has additional support needs (he has Asperger’s) and was nearly 7, and the eldest found things pretty tough with his younger brother. So usually weekends were split, with DH taking one and me taking the other on a day trip somewhere, to give them both time with each of us on their own.

Anyway, we arrive at MK, and walk through Town Square to the top of Main St. DH and I were barely containing our own excitement, when I noticed the boys, hand in hand, gazing open mouthed at the castle.

  1. At DHS, whilst queueing with the youngest to meet Dug and Russel, it was a long wait and I wasn’t sure if DS was going to manage it. However DS was so excited when it was our turn, that he just rushed headlong towards Russel and hugged him as tight as he could. And then turned mesmerised to Dug. He looked about 4 years old!

The photographer was snapping away, and the “handler” CM was grinning ear to ear. I then got asked to sign a waiver form to use the photos for advertising. No idea if it was ever used or not.

Oh and 3) Watching the NYE Wishes from Top of the World last trip.


My first trip with my kids a few years ago, them seeing Winnie the Pooh (their first time meeting a character) and both hugging him with the biggest smiles on their face. On the same day they saw their first parade, another priceless moment watching their faces light up when they saw their favorite characters.


:cry: miss that parade!

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Amazing picture!

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