If you could only take one thing into the parks

…what would it be?

(Assuming you can also take your phone and anything medically necessary).

My choice is a portable phone charger.

My DSLR camera.

Magic. Band.

Really tho -

The Kids.
Tee-hee - I’m sure there will be some fun answers for this.

My phone will last until swim break (3pm) even if I’m pounding away on MDE for fastpasses, wait times, and directions, so…

Sunglasses, or…Seriously - Insulated water bottle. We would have raked up quite a bill buying water.

Sunblock - although you might consider that medically necessary :slight_smile: I got a mild sunburn in Dec of last year.

This is a good one, of course! Not sure it’s “medically necessary.”

You have to think strategically here. Think of stuff you can’t find available for purchase in the parks (or maybe too damned expensive to buy in the parks).

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A printed copy of my touring plan in case of a smart phone failure/lock-up.


Hand sanitizer…


DEFINITELY a printed copy of TP