If you could only do one park Christmas season- which one and why?

Going on a trip dec 7-14…have tickets for MVMCP, universal and seaworld. Considering adding another Disney day at HS, AK or Epcot. Was leaning towards Hollywood Studios for Star Wars and the Hollywood and dine Christmas characters lunch.
We go to Disney every year but first time during Christmas season so wondering what park is the best during that time of year?
Also for those who have done seaworld do you think I would need 1 or 2 days? We have never been at that park. Thanks

I would pick Epcot because of all the food booths, great activities, and special programs; but Epcot is our favorite park.

Animal Kingdom is ratcheting up their Christmas decorations this year; and that sounds awesome.


Keep in mind the Rise of the Resistance ride will open Dec 5, so there may be higher crowds in HS (especially GE) that week.

Personally, I’d choose Epcot for the food booths, world holiday performances, and the Processional if you’re in a real holiday mood!


If you are already thinking HS, we thought Jingle Bell Jingle Bam was really cute. We were too early for the EP holiday offerings so I can’t comment on those.

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I’m among the Epcot crowd. World Showcase is phenomenal at Christmas.

My crew would avoid DHS because we don’t handle crowds well and no one in my family cares much for Star Wars. But I don’t mind crowds and love Star Wars. So, if your group would enjoy Star Wars regardless of crowds, I think DHS would be a good choice too. It would be my second choice if I were traveling without my party poopers because I think watching it snow on Hollywood Blvd (like it does on Main St, MK) would be fun to see as well as the projections on ToT.


HS has some really fun Christmas stuff. Maybe check out this post & see what most interests you!

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Epcot for the Candlelight Processional since you already have MVMCP.

Epcot also has lots of cool Christmas stuff all around WS.

HS was decorated nicely and they have Jingle Bell Jingle Bam and the projections on ToT, too.

I don’t remember AK having much Christmas stuff when we were there in 2017.


And unless it’s changed greatly, Sea World should be able to be seen in one day.

Animal Kingdom is getting Christmas stuff this year!

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I would pick Epcot. The Candlelight Processional is amazing (we saw it 3 times on our trip last year). There are performers and storytellers in the various countries sharing holiday traditions. There are holiday food booths and a cookie stroll. There’s an ornament scavenger hunt which is fun for kids (or for a Disney nerd like me).


Without question, Epcot. Candlelight is such a beautiful show. Love all the holiday storytellers as well.