If you could hire a plaid for one park

MK just for the sheer volume of attractions.

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We just did one of these tours the end of March and the minimum is 7 hours. My son paid for it so his children could get on all of the rides they wanted to. We were there for only 4 nights.

We did all 4 parks and they rode 21 rides! Started in Magic Kingdom, met the guide on Main Street. They will pick you up at your resort, but we were at the Grand Floridian, so it made sense to meet them there. Sam was our guide and he was amazing. My son had all the rides written down they wanted to do. Sam knew where to start and finish in order to maximize our time in the park. We started in Adventure Land and ended in Tomorrow Land where our van was parked behind Buzz Lightyear to head to the next park. In Magic Kingdom the children and their parents rode a total of 8 rides, a couple of them 3 times in a row. The ones my husband and I sat out, Sam found us a place to sit in a shady spot.

Next stop was Animal Kingdom. Here they only wanted to do 3 rides. We parked by Pandora, walked in did the river ride, some did Avatar, moved the van, ate a quick service lunch and did Dinosaur. Went to the van and off to the Studios!

At the Studios we did MMRT, Rise in Star Wars, spent lots of time in Toy Story Land, did all those rides, couple of them twice. Then headed to Epcot!

At Epcot we parked by Test Track and rode that. Got in the van and drove to park between Norway an China, rode Frozen twice, in the van and drove to Soaring. My husband and I ended the tour here and took the little one back to the hotel. My son and the rest of his family rode their final ride and had dinner in Mexico. Sam did ask if Jim and I had dinner plans. We said no. He offered to get us some if we wanted to eat somewhere! So, they have some pull there.

All in all, my son decided it was well worth the money for the and he will do it again. This Nana and Pappa will bow out after a couple parks!
They do have handicapped accessible vans and you decide on your touring plans. I do think 7 hours in one park may be a waste, 2 parks is good. Hope this helps. Oh, my son did tip Sam generously. He was fantastic!


Thanks for the detailed review!

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Oh, Rise is an option now? Without needing to get a BG? IIRC, I was thinking I had heard at one point that was the one thing that couldn’t be included. Good to know!

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Sorry, not Rise, the other ride in Star Wars Land that you don’t need a boarding group for. Don’t remember the name. I didn’t ride it. Must be the Millennium Falcon one.


Smugglers run.

Thanks for the detailed report!

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