If you can't get a FPP for 7DMT, is it be better to do stand-by at RD or ride closer to park closing?

Discuss amongst yourselves..

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Personal experience is that it is better to wait until almost park close. The wait times are low after Wishes and during or just after a second MSEP showing if the park is open until midnight or later. Use the early park hours to knock out other time eating favorites. I.E. PP, Pooh, A&E.... Plus the queue is absolutely amazing at night and you get the full effect of the interactive elements. Glowing gems, projections, etc.


But if traveling with younger (but still tall enough) kids who may not make it that late,Rope Drop would be the way to go.

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Question was if FPP was unavailable.. :-p

I included rope drop... Fine. I will edit my comment. So pfffth

Good to know since I will not be able to make any FPP's or make RD for my trip. It is driving me crazy. 7DMT is the only thing on my must do list.

We couldn't score FPP even at 60 days, so we went the RD route. Waited 50 minutes, but the ride was closed for about half of that wait time. We're not night owls, so evening wasn't going to work.

What would anyone's guess be for wait time for 7DMT during a hard ticket event like MNSSHP?

With any hot new ride.. get there right at RD and have a little wait, or get there late for similar circumstances.

@lentesta Currently, TP wait times indicate that 7DMT will have >60 minute waits through the end of the MNSSHP in Sept. Since there's no actual data on this circumstance, do you except this to really be the case? A number of people have been asking this question. Thanks!

Are the time savings from RD overrated? I'm reading that one needs to arrive an hour before RD to be able to avoid the long queue for 7DMT. Apparently, within minutes after RD, 7DMT has a 60+ minute queue. But showing up an hour before RD is not free. That's an hour of waiting. Functionally, how is (1) arriving at 8:00am and waiting an hour for RD before getting on 7DMT different than (2) arriving at 9:00am and waiting an hour in the 7DMT queue? Either way, you wait an hour. All RD does is that it shifts the hour wait to earlier in the day.

I'll be curious to see whether the stand by line is huge during MNSSHP or MVMCP. If we can't get a FPP, and there's a 60min wait at RD, we may have to try during the party.

@alexyoung, because then you're free to ride other things from 9am-10am... though I understand what you're saying. smile But if you're done w/7DMT @9am, then you're free to ride other attractions with little-to-no wait while others are... waiting 60 minutes for 7DMT. wink And at 10am, you're an hour ahead of the rest of the crowd, having done the rides that will have longer waits later.

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Following along on this... I'm in this situation for a Sept trip and will let y'all know how it goes. No FPP availability, so we're just going to try and hit it during a part night or maybe during evening EMH if the party is unsuccessful.

I think later in the afternoon is a good option.

Hi all! Just wanted report back that we were able to ride 7DMT 2x during the MNSSHP. Wait times posted were 20 and 30 minutes, respectively. In actuality I would say we only waited 15 and 20.