If we want to try drink/food in each EP land what should we try?

Recommendations for a food or drink are welcome! We will be there during flower and garden. I’ve been to Epcot but only got fish and chips.

How long are you going to spend in Epcot? Are you looking to try every country’s pavilion? (I’m guessing you’re ok skipping the food in FW.) Even if you’re limiting yourself to the WS, I am not sure that can be done in one day. Maybe others have better advice on how to accomplish that one!

I liked the QS in Morocco. If time allowed, I would have tried the bakery and/or the crepes in France. On our next trip, we’re planning to try Teppan Edo in Japan.

If you’re interested in the “outdoor kitchens,” I highly recommend browsing the menus beforehand to see which ones you’re interested in. Our favorite last year was the one in China.

Yes, we will only be there for a day and with kids so we will probably not be able to try everything. Maybe I should stick to the highlights.

Everyone is going to have their opinion on this one, but I have a sweet tooth so my two favorites are 1) the pastries at Kringla Bakeri in Norway, and 2) the caramel popcorn in Germany (I bought 2 extra bags to bring home).

I tried the crepes in France and they were not that good. They were not fresh but reheated and soggy.

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I’m going to be there during flower & garden as well and think I want to try the outdoor kitchen/booths instead of an actual restaurant. This website shows the booths and menus!

I’m on the dining plan, will you be? I plan to exchange 1 QS credit for 3 snacks and am having hard time picking which menu because they all look great!


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Thanks for the head’s up! We’ll focus on trying to make it to the boulangerie/patisserie on the next trip, then.

I did not have the crepes in France but the bakery and ice cream shop were my favorite places in the world showcase. The ham and cheese baguette and the almond pastry at the bakery were my favorite.

Finally can see the prices. Thank you.

Now that is our favorite place to go for snacks, the patisserie. They are truly incredible. Here is a pic from our visit.



I second checking out the menus on Disney Food Blog. They will have pictures of everything so you can get a good idea of what you want to try. With so many choices, I recommend skipping anything you might find at a local restaurant in your area (we skipped Mexico, China, Japan for that reason). Focus on food that’s different. Everything is 2-3 bites so if you don’t like it you’re not wasting a huge portion of anything. Enjoy!

Thanks for the link! Do you know if you have to use all three credits at one booth?

If you’re using 3 snack credits to replace the QS then you do have to use all 3 at one booth. If you are just using regular snack credits you can use them however you please.

I’m thinking we’ll pick our top 2 booths and my husband will use 1 QS for 3 items at one booth, and I’ll do the other. Then we can taste 6 snacks.

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Kakigori in Japan is very good, especially on a hot day. It’s easy to share too.

We had a giant raspberry macaron from Les Halles in France that was fabulous - unfortunately my five year old also loved it so I had to share. For Flower and Garden the tri-tip from Canada was delicious, and the wine slushie from the citrus booth was so so good.

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