If we can’t stay at the Poly

I have not stayed there yet. It is on my list to check this week when I look to see if anything if available at 7 months but we will see. Right now I have GFV the night before my cruise and BLT the 3 nights after. I had to add a night due to flights so I booked CC but I will see what is available. I am trying to stay at all the DVC resorts.

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That sounds like a great trip @PrincipalTinker!! We’re due for a cruise. Nothing better than a pre- and post stay at WDW!! I wish we would have bought DVC 10 years ago. I would have been a worth while investment for us considering the number of stays in those years… hindsight… :roll_eyes:

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Yes, we’d be renting DVC points — I thought those rooms were nicer (and newer!), so this explains the split on people’s experiences!

But it all seems somewhat moot because so far we haven’t gotten anything back from the dvc rental people. I put us in for an “either/or” for Poly or BLT, but I think I might try to convince my friend to give WL a try. I’m really intrigued by it. And I love the idea of coming back to such a peaceful, quiet resort at the end of the day. We both live in NYC so it would be a total departure from regular life!


We stayed at the Poly in Oct 2016. We initially had a first floor room and it smelled like a urinal. A prior guest had sprayed sunscreen ( I presume) all over the patio floor and made smiley faces on the walls of the outdoor patio area. My 8 yr old daughter stepped outside and slipped and fell in the slippery oil. I went to the front desk the next am and was switched to another room on the second floor which had no smell thankfully. Even without the odor and the mess left behind, the rooms still are not worth the cost of the stay. They were dark, small and the hallways were worn out. We LOVED the grounds of the hotel, the location and the restaurants, pool and lobby building. The rooms however, were dark and dingy and not worth it. I’d stay in a bungalow or studio but not in the regular rooms ever again. I was so disappointed.


We stayed at the Poly in November. A few months before our stay we watched some videos and my DH asked me why I chose there. It looks old and dark and not appealing. We also usually stay in a suite when we travel rather than the 3 of us in one room. So I was worried the hotel was going to be a bad choice.

We all enjoyed it. The room felt spacious, was clean, we even got our requested 3rd floor Rarotonga (could even see a few fireworks in our room). Staff were friendly and helpful, we had good meals at 'Ohana and Kona, Capt Cooks was solid, both pools were nice, Oasis hot tub was lovely, fireworks on the beach were great, loved the boat and monorail convenience for the other monorail resorts and MK.


We stayed in a DVC studio at the Poly last year and really enjoyed it. The room felt spacious and the having 1.5 bathrooms was wonderful. I love the grounds of the Poly as well as the restaurants.

Now if you can’t stay there though, WL and AKL are both great choices. We love AKL and have stayed there more than anywhere else. It tends to be a decent use of DVC points.

I just got my room booked through David’s the Sunday before Christmas. My priority was 1) Boardwalk 2) AKL 3) WL- not sure if CC or BR but the other one was 4.

I got WL Boulder Ridge and I am stoked. This last summer we went on a cruise out of Orlando and had a free day to go around. We went to some of the resorts at Disney. We went to Port Orleans, Wilderness Lodge, and a few others. we loved WL so much that my wife made the comment that “We should just rent this place and come down and not go to the parks.” The only reason WL was not my #1 spot was it was about $500 more expensive than Boardwalk for the 8 nights.


Well, terrible news for us: DVC is all booked for WL! :sob: So that’s out, if we go the renting points route. Michelle at DVC Rental says that there is still availability at the Poly and BLT, so I’m crossing my fingers something comes through.

But just in case, I’m making a back-up, room-only reservation at WL.

After hearing from y’all I feel pretty jazzed about anywhere we stay. It sounds like we can make a wrong choice!

(As soon as the room is booked I will start my obsessive planning and honestly could not be more stoked. It’s almost more fun than the vacation itself.)

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Yes, our experience has been the same. Stayed there twice in the last three years and our rooms were clean and wonderful. Love the grounds and the location. We’ll be back and I hope our experience continues to be a great one. We were 3rd floor Fiji both times. Honestly, I would like to try other resorts just to experience them too, but my family only wants to go back to Poly :slight_smile:

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WELL. An update:

Since it seemed like nothing much was coming in through DVC Rental Store, I decided to put in a request with David’s DVC. They said that there was a significant waiting list for the Poly and BLT, but that there was still availability for a two-bedroom villa at both Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge. Since CC is newer (and it looks like it’s closer to the boat launch), we booked it! I’m so excited!!

I shall report back in November about how it was to stay there (and probably ask some questions in the meantime). @profmatt’s lovely words about the WL property really swayed us :slight_smile:


Every time the title of this thread pops up I picture the body of the post saying:



We absolutely LOVED Poly. We did not find it in any way dirty, old, rundown, or noisy. But I realize that everyone’s experience is different. We were in a small, quiet longhouse, looking out toward the GF (across the quiet beach). We found the decor to be really pretty. We loved the pools - both of them. And the location was top notch (I had always dismissed the convenience of being on monorail, but it really is a big deal). We will be going back this April.

That said, I understand you’re having difficulty securing that reservation and are looking for other suggestions. As I read through this thread, I am struck by your desire to have a particular kind of environment.

For ambiance I would go with WL or AKL. AKL not only has ambiance but great dining options as well, including the QS which is consistently rated among the highest on property. And bus transportation there is fine, really it is. WL was designed by the same architect and so feels quite similar in many ways. The lobbies both invoke a sense of calm and peace immediately upon entering. I think WL has more hidden spaces where one can just enjoy some peace and tranquility while enjoying the lodge. LOVE Geyser Point! Love WCC. Looking forward to checking out AP this spring.

Oh upon further reading i see you’ve booked WL (CC/Boulder)! Hooray!


We stayed at Copper Creek (in a 1BR) not long after it opened, and absolutely loved it! The rooms were lovely, with lots of storage and a beautiful bathroom. I had my doubts about the kitchen beforehand since I’m not a massive fan of galley style kitchens, but I loved it pretty much immediately. The bed was super comfy, and we loved the fact it was raised off the floor enough so that we could put our luggage under it.

We had stayed at Boulder Ridge before (back when that was just Villas at Wilderness Lodge) so we had already experienced the main resort, and knew what to expect. The additions they made with CCV are brilliant, the DVC pool is really nice and I can’t say enough good things about Geyser Point. Wonderful place to hang out with a glass of wine in the evening. Whilst we really liked Boulder Ridge in the past, I would personally choose CCV every time! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay at CCV as much as we did! :heart_eyes:

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Bahahah. Nope, we are definitely going. This’ll be our threepeat – third time in three years. We can’t stay away. And it’s been so fun trying out different hotels! I have a feeling we’ll love Wilderness Lodge…

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if next time we hold out for staying at the Poly. I’ve wanted to stay there since I first went there and played in the kid’s club, where you got to walk through the window to Never Never Land, in the mid-90s…


YAY this is so good to hear!! It’s sort of nerve-wracking, renting DVC, because you are LOCKED. IN. But now that I’ve spent approximately way too much time on this site, I feel really good about our choice. Even better after hearing all the love for WL.

I seriously cannot wait to be snuggled in at Geyser Point having an adult bev. Since we’re going in November, I’m hoping the weather will be just perfect for an evening in such a pretty spot.


Remind me and I will post your choice of pictures next month if you want. I smile just thinking about WL!

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OooooOOOOoooh. Please feel free to post pictures of anything and everything! I will follow your trip report very eagerly! (You own DVC there, right?)

I’ve never even been on the WL property, so I can’t wait to see it in person. (I am, of course, looking at Google Street View and devouring all the pictures and reviews I can find because now that it’s real and booked I’m so excited.)


Yes, I never wanted to buy DVC and then Copper Creek opened. I tried to buy before they finished building it!

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I just rented points at BLT for end of October - wanted Beach Club Villas but only had 1 BR available and I’m too cheap to pay extra just for location. I understand studio at BLT is small, but so be it, there are only 2 of us

I have stayed at both AKL and WL - I think WL is my favorite of the 2 because of location, but AKL does have awesome dining options - tough choice

I wouldn’t be super shocked if my friend decides he wants to buy DVC… we’re going to take a tour when we’re down there for sure. (What started as a fun getaway in 2017 as a reward for being done with dealing with his mom’s estate has turned into an annual trip… And once SWGE opens, all bets are off. He loves Star Wars.)


If you can spare an hour at about 9AM some day while you’re there, I wholeheartedly recommend taking the resort tour at WL. Ask about it at check-in. :blush:

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