If this is my AK TP will we want another morning there please?


My plan only has us spending an afternoon & evening in AK. For first timers, me, DH, DD7 & DD5 will we want an extra morning too at AK please? I have another morning which could be kept free where we can take advantage of EMH and then hop to EP for our ADR and FPP’s. However it would be a far more relaxing day if we did our EP FPP in the morning. Our AK plan includes KS, LK, 2 trails, EE, Dino, boneyard and hopefully ROL. Should we go back or save the rest for another trip. Any thoughts on my TP much appreciated.

Rivers of Light, if they ever get it up and running, is going to be after dark. You may be assuming it’s happening earlier than it actually does.Although, dusk is 5:57 that day, so maybe not.

And you’re riding Kali River Rapids an hour before dark. You might be freezing.

Wait, you have 5 PM on here twice. What’s going on with this touring plan? Did you get errors when you optimized/evaluated? Do you have too many things?

As far as attractions:
I love Flights of Wonder, but it’s not worth another day on it’s own. We did Wilderness Explorers, about 10 of the 30 badges, with my kids who were 6 and 8. Finishing that would take many hours, but again, not worth a whole other day. The Finding Nemo show was very good, but again, I’m not sure it justifies another day. The glorified carnival rides in DinoLand, USA don’t justify more park time. All these together might be worth a couple extra hours, but you are talking about going for an hour or 2 in the morning, and I’m not sure any of these are open for the morning EMH’s.

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Thank you, if we went back it would probably be to do KS again and see more animals. The FPP at the same time are for DH, he can use my magic band for Dino, maybe with DD7 while DD5 & I are at the Boneyard.

Although I am typically on my soap box about AK NOT being a “half-day” park, your TP certainly hits all of the highlights. And as there is now “evening” your time there will be about the same as RD to the 5:00 PM closing of days gone by. It actually looks a lot like a TP that I might make…

In Dec, I would put a serious “?” next to Kali. There is the potential of getting wet - I mean soaked to the bone wet - and as far as this type of raft ride goes, Kali is probably one of the shortest and least interesting of any of the many that I have been on. Yes, it’s FL and you might have temps in the 80s - but it’s Dec in FL which means you could just as easily have temps in the 50s (or colder).

I know that this concept gives some planners hives, but you might want to leave that AM completely unplanned and figure it out the night before. Your DDs may absolutely LOVE AK and want to go back - or they may need the more relaxing AM. In either case, I would make your FPPs for EP in the afternoon. If you go to AK in the AM, then you’ll have them waiting for you when you get to EP; ditto if you have a sleep-in morning. If you decide to RD at EP, then you will have the benefit of shorter lines for the first hour or two, and will have the FPPs for later during the most crowded time of the day. AK is very “forgiving” at RD - especially an EMH RD - and you should have no real problems doing the things you “missed” on your first day and catching a few repeats as well.

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Thank you. I am thinking we might not go back to AK. I’ve been playing around with my Sat morning EP plan and if we rope drop, we can actually fit in all the rides, including Soarin first thing. This could mean that we only need to come back to EP once more instead of twice. That would leave Sun morning to go back to AK, or Mon morning with EMH.
How does this EP plan look please? I’ve started my FPP at 10:30am. It is asuming I can get a FEA FPP for the morning, it is 65 days out, For our second day at EP I will try for another FEA FPP but I’m not sure what to do with the others. Figment in case we can’t get an extra FPP? MS, but we should have a RS to use, it does take me back to SE, though maybe Nemo might be a better choice.

I will skip KRR if we don’t have time after ROL. If we use poncho’s and flip flops will we still get wet?

It’s really hard to tell because there are so many variables; where you’re sitting, how the raft spins, weight distribution, etc. I’ve been on it and barely gotten splashed, and I’ve been on it when a wave hit me in the back and poured over both shoulders and into my lap.

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I have only been on KRR twice. I do not care for it mainly because I have had negative experiences both times I have entered that queue. I have never got wet but there is always someone that gets a wave of water that completely soaks them. Ponchos did not help those people .

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I wore a poncho and was ok with that (although the poncho was very wet). My 3 girls had waterproof anoraks and still got soaked literally. I had taken a spare set of clothes and they needed them. Just thought I would share our AK experience for info:

We loved the Animal Kingdom and did a day there (from 9.30 am until 6 pm on a CL5 day) and ended up going back later on in our trip for a few hours, as we wanted to experience the park again to get more photos, to see The Lion King again and to ride EE & KS again.

On our first planned day at AK we were quite tired and it was a hot day for the time of year (mid Nov). We had an ADR at Rainforest Cafe at 3.45 pm and we did not get chance to do all that we had planned.

Later on in our holiday we decided to go to MK on an EMMH day and then park hop, first to Epcot for a few hours and then to AK. It worked out well in the end as it turned out to be a CL10 at MK and it was very busy by 11.30, so we got away from the crowds and enjoyed AK at the end of the day with low waits.

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