If I'm doing all the planning, can i book two simultaneous ADRs with split groups?

So looks like 2 of my sisters may join us for part of our upcoming May trip. There are two nights where they will do dinner by themselves. Is it possible for me to make their reservations (at the same time as my own) if I “manage” their accounts in MDE? I know you can’t have two simultaneous ADRs (ooh… wait. does the incognito window get around this regardless?), but if I want to book just for them and not for me, does that work?

No, the system won’t let you do that. If you call the dining line they can do it for you though.

Be aware that will mean you can’t change it though.

Search for the time you want at the restaurant you want
RIGHT CLICK on the reservation time you want for the other part of your group and open in a new tab
Book as normal

(unless they have closed this option)

Right click no longer works. You should be able to make 2 reservations as long as you are only on 1. So when you are making their ADRs just put them as the party.

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Aw bummer.

Three options:
(I could never get the right click thing to work)

  1. Make a second MDE account with a different email and put your additional reservations there
  2. if the reservation is found through TP Res Finder or MouseDining it will bypass the duplicate screen and you will be able to reserve the second reservation in the same account
  3. Call and CM will help you add the second reservation, if it is still available after you get through.

I know right

True but, if you are not on the reservation you will not be able to change OR cancel it without calling.

That may be true. I have never had to cancel one

I have. Once someone else’s name is the primary there are no buttons to change or cancel, even if the ADR is not linked to any other MDE account.

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I have booked dining for others as the lead. As long as their name was in my friends and family I have not had an issue. Has that changed?

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From what I can gather all the loopholes, so to speak, have been closed.

Booking with someone else as the Lead Name might be OK, albeit you cannot change it.

Right click definitely no longer works.

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So glad I asked! I do have a second mde for my dog for memory maker shares but that would limit me to 60 days since there’s no hotel res. I’ll try using my own account tomorrow and let you all know what happens.

What happened??? Inquiring minds want to know!

Yep. So because my second MDE account wasn’t on my hotel res, I could only do 60 days out so couldn’t use that to do a separate res.

For an ADR that wasn’t overlapping, I was able to assign it to my second account. It doesn’t show in my plans, so I’d have to log in to the other one to manage it.

And yet when I tried to make a simultaneous ADR, it wouldn’t even let me get to the “select your guests” screen.

So I wound up calling, as suggested, and they were able to assist. Annoying but I called right at 7am and only sat on hold for about 10 minutes.

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And just in case anyone was wondering, here’s what we currently have booked:

Yak & Yeti
Beaches and Cream
Topolino’s breakfast


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