If I think Peter Pan & Soarin will be my favourites, what else would be a must do please?


If I think Peter Pan & Soarin will be my favourites, what else do you think would be a must do please? For many attractions my plans only have DH either alone or with our eldest riding. I'm fine with this, but I'm wondering if I'm wrong to not be doing Test Track, Everest, Dino, ToT, Space Mountain, Mission Space, Stunts? I'm not a big coaster fan, 20 years ago I'd do everything once, but rarely repeated anything, and I get motion sickness easily. I'm planning to see FEA twice and not do TT. I've read that you should try everything because you never know what you'll like best. Our plans do make use of some rider swaps, however in my current TP's I'm not in a position to use any of them.


I might sound Strange but pirates and people mover are must dos for me. Every trip!


PhilharMagic, Dumbo at night and Everest once for the experience and queue (you need to see the stand by queue once).


Thanks you. Pirates is on our list, but people mover is currently under the will be fitted in category, I will add it to a TP. We have plenty of time in MK, but our time in the other parks is limited. Which has lead to a divide and conquer plan.


Soarin may give you motion sickness so be warned. I would try TT just designing the car in the que was a ton of fun for me. The others may cause problems with your motion issues. I would say we love Philharmagic and SE along with TSMM. Although you didn't mention them they are not to be missed for us in EP and HS.
have fun!


Thank you. We only have one evening in MK and I will add Dumbo. I will look into whether I can fit Everest in, and maybe keep my options open. Might come down to whether either DH or DD7 want to do it again.


Thank you, I will be taking sick bags for DD7 & myself. The only other big ride that I'm not doing is Aerosmith. TSMM looks fun, I did wonder if we could fit it in twice, but I don't think we can unless FP's magically appear in the afternoon or we do an 8am breakfast at H&V instead of lunch.


Everest is the wildest roller coaster ride on the Disney premises, I believe. It also goes backwards for a portion of the ride. If you have motion sickness, you may want to watch a youtube video of it before committing to it.


I have and the coaster side doesn't appeal, but the scenery looks good.


POC and HM! Those are some of my favorites that are similar. :slight_smile:


Actually HM isn't in my TP plans as neither of the girls will be doing it, but I'm sure I can fit it in, Thanks.


Test Track is a fun ride for those that don't love coasters. I get occasional motion sickness so I understand where you're coming from. I will usually ride Everest once but anymore than that makes me sick. I LOVE Tower of Terror because it's a great thrill without the motion sickness aspect. If you have severe motion sickness, I would stay away from Dinosaur but if it's mild, it's a must do for me. I think Dinosaur is highly underrated and I'm hoping this refurb it's currently going through will bring it back to life. The ride system is just one of the best to me.

I agree with @HakunaMatata93 though, don't miss Haunted Mansion if possible. It's a staple! Not scary at all. Just tons of fun!


Thank you. I think I need to redo all my TP's now.


Pirates, People mover (TTC), Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Runaway Train (NOT Mine Train - didn't like - but you may), Spaceship Earth, Listen to the Land (although my family thinks it is Lame Lame Lame)


Do as much as you can. oh Haunted Mansion - how could I have forgotten that!!


The cool thing about WDW is that there are ALL sorts of rides. My favorite are Rockin Rollercoaster and Space Mountain - along with People Mover and Spaceship Earth. The extremes couldn't be more - so just because you like X - doesn't mean you will or won't like Y.

It all depends on what you want to see and do that day. That is what makes it cool.


Back to the theory that everyone should try everything at least once. I've been playing around with TP's, and some things aren't easy to fit in, I'm also second guessing my daily plan. Thank you for your thoughts.


You won't see everything - its WOLRD not Small Town. It is unfortunate - but it will give you a reason to return if that is something that you want to do. Just enjoy what you are able to see - also if you want to see something twice - do that. Don't be tied 100% to your plans


Absolutely agree! I've known of people that get too tied up in their plans and schedules and forget to have fun. They end up making themselves and their families miserable and a Disney vacation is far too expensive to allow yourself to be miserable. Make some plans and try to stick with them but don't be afraid to try something off the plan. This is your vacation @Tate, not ours so we'll all give you ideas of what we think but trust your gut and most importantly enjoy this trip! :slight_smile:


"In preparing for a WDW vacation I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower, probably.