If I Plan a 40th Birthday do-over


If one wanted to just maybe book a birthday trip for oneself and present it to her husband later, would one make room only reservations at more than one hotel or multiple package reservations? ($200 x2-3 vs whole cost of hotel stays x2-3)

DH just told me the other night that we don’t do enough fun things together soooo. I’m really just doing what he said we should do, right? (I mean. He wants to go to a Violent Fems/Flogging Molly concert but this is almost the same thing, right?)

Thinking about February, 3 nights 2-3 days in the parks with hoppers. Wednesday arrival Saturday departure.


Wow, I have not laughed that hard in a while. Thanks for that!

No advice here, sorry. I’m terrible at “surprising” DW with Disney trips so I don’t think you’d want my advice anyways, haha!

ETA: I think your trip sounds great. I’m trying for something very similar with DW. Good luck!


I can’t think of a reason not to go…

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Unless you are AP I would do a package as it’s less up-front cost to you. This will allow you to make park ressies right away. Both situations are easily cancelled, though, and fully refundable until 30 days for package or 5 days for room.


Hopefully DH doesn’t find it as funny. :joy: :joy:

I mean. I can only think of solutions to obstacles :woman_shrugging:.


Excellent point.


Ok. Booked packages at Pop (cancelled 2020 rooms) and Grand Destino Tower. :heart: Now do I just see what he says? Or quietly pay it off and surprise him?

I picked up a side job at work and it basically covers this trip. Sound reasoning. Yes? :joy:


Love this.

Now you just find the time when he will be most receptive. You say, “You said we should be doing more fun things. What would you think of this?”

If there are any contingency plans that would need to be made around childcare, financial implications, you present your solutions to those as well.


GDT all the way for a couple trip.
I agree with everything OBNurse says.

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I’m going to get it all worked out first. It’s also on the credit card I manage. And I know how to juggle all. The. Things. So that shouldn’t be too hard to lay groundwork for before I reveal options to him.

GDT is not much more across 3 days.

We stayed CSR summer 2019 and loved it. I like the dining/bar options there since we didn’t actually take advantage of them with the kids in tow.

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Does your DH like surprises?

Does he like planning?

My DH doesn’t mind surprises and destests planning so theoretically he’d be a great candidate for this sort of thing. He’s also in the been there done that club as far as Disney is concerned, so . . .

We have a family member that was not amused (wildly understated) at their surprise Disney trip. :confounded:

But other family members - not planners and avid WDW fans - that loved being surprised.

If you’ve got the financial covered, you’re basically down to would he miss the planning.

And how are surprises tolerated.


He wouldn’t miss the planning, but it’s too big of an expense to undertake without his blessing. I could spring a trip to a nearby city/town on him probably without upset, but not Disney.

The real problem I’m having right now is scope creep. My birthday is the Friday of a holiday weekend this year. I was considering doing Saturday/departure day park time, but it looks like 9-10s all around while our (what I thought would be evening) arrival day has 2-5s predicted.

Take an extra day off work, arrive earlier, for an afternoon / evening of low crowds OR get in a rope drop to mid afternoon on a crowded departure day? :thinking:


So many challenges

Maybe a relaxing date night during which you casually remind him of the never doing fun things.

Stressing of course that it’s all easily cancelled.

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: wow!

Agree. Love WDW. Have always loved surprises. UNTIL … I got a surprise at WDW. Think about whether HE wants it, or if YOU want it for HIM.
There’s a difference. And if YOU just want it for yourself - go SOLO. LOL!