If I change DW ticket dates more than once, and price increases, is price difference against original or most recent date?

Hi, I’m about to get April DW tickets from boardwalkticketing.com via TP ticket calculator page. If I decline its Trip Interruption Insurance and some interruption comes up prior to the trip, I do have the option to change the dates myself, where I’m responsible to pay DW for any increase of the new dates versus the original dates.

But if an interruption actually happens at the last minute, then any new dates I’d choose would be out of desperation to save the tickets, thus inaccurate. If the changed dates are lower priced than the original dates, I understand there’s no refund. But if I later change the dates a second time, where the newest dates are more expensive, is the price difference I owe the difference against my original April dates, or against the prior changed dates?

I know I’m overthinking this since the boardwalkticketing.com insurance is only $5/ticket…

I not exactly sure how to answer your question, but just remember you will never lose the value of those tickets. Even expired Disney will let you apply that $ value toward other tickets in the future.

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There were people that had changed their tickets to cheaper dates, and then when G+ was released, they added G+ and were undercharged for it. So, it seems to remember a ticket credit.