If fireworks are being tested June 26th

where do you think the best place to watch (not in MK) would be? TTC, the Poly? Thinking mobile order at Kona. any other ideas? feels like “if you give a mouse a cookie” again!

Honestly the best view is gonna be the Contemporary. There’s an outdoor viewing deck. Haven’t heard it being closed for the construction, but who knows?

I would say the same, or Poly beach, but you bet your butt you’re going to need a firm dinner ressie to get into those lots on those nights. I predict they will
be hard enforcing.

They are also testing on my arrival night, 6/28. We will be there (MK) that night but who knows what time testing will happen.


Thanks! i snagged an 8:30 reservation at the wave just in case!


that’s so cool! Fingers crossed they test while you are in the park!!!

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You can park at TTC and go GF, CR or Poly from there w/o any kind of ressie.

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You’ll need to check what time the testing will be to avoid getting stranded at the Contemporary. And that may be difficult. Worst case though you could get an Uber back to the TTC.

They do testing at all times. Staying at Bay Lake we heard testing in the small hours leading up to NYE.

Equally they may decide to do the testing an hour after the park closes.

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