If dropping days from a rez, what happens to FP+?

We’re going Christmas week and have already changed dates twice. First reservation was at Port Orleans from 12/25 - 12/31. Next came 12/23 - 12/28. Now I’m at a quickie 12/29 - 12/30. No, it isn’t me being schizophrenic! I’m at the mercy of my wife’s schedule, my cousins’ calendar, my mother’s in-home health aide, and our friends’ fear of commitment. If this wasn’t a once in a decade possibility I’d just blow it all off and go during shoulder season!

It seems to me that what I should do is reserve a room from the earliest possible through the last possible days. Then when everyone else has their plans set I can trim one or both ends. It seems strange to reserve 10-12 days when I know the final trip will be 3-6. Naturally I’d drop dates ASAP so as to not hold any away from innocent bystanders but as I’m looking at moderate resorts this isn’t a factor the way it would be at Grand Floridian or Wilderness Lodge (my favorites).

Given this, how do I deal with FPs? I can make my best guesses as to which park we’d do on each day and reserve what works best. (I’m at their mercy for days but they’ll follow my lead on FP.) When I drop hotel days, will the FPs go away with them? If I drop a day or three do all FPs disappear and I have to start over?

I have 6-7 days left on a no-expire park-hopper pack which is the maximum number of park days I’ll have. I’m not buying more for this trip.


Your FPP reservations should not go away, as they are associated with your MDE account and tickets, not your resort reservation.

Obviously I don’t care about the days I drop, only the days I keep.

You’ll be fine. We change plans A LOT. We have Annual Passes and with Room Only reservations I move them a lot. Once made at 60 days, you do not loose your fast passes if you cancel after the 30 day offsite time frame or if you move the reservation.

You can juggle reservations down the road and your FPP are not impacted. BUT if your tickets are tied to that reservation, and that reservation is cancelled and booked as a new reservation, the tickets that are holding you FPP will be canceled and you will loosed FPP

I’ve always wondered what would happen to FPP reservations if you cancelled a RO reservation between the 60 to 30 day mark - in theory they should go away, but I can’t imagine WDW IT being able to successfully implement this. Have you done this?

OK, and once more with feeling: LOSE, not LOOSE. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate not having hearts :heart:

Sorry to be slow - does this mean I have to wait until after the 30 day window opens? I have Room Only reservations.

Yes - wait until the 30 days. At that point your tickets, when they are detached from the onsite reservations, are within the “everyone gets to book FPP” window and no correction will be made. Currently the Disney system cannot look at a FPP, see how many days in advance it was made and make sure the resort reservation that supported the early FPP reservation is still there.

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