If bored, plan my 2022 trip

First, I hope everyone and their families are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

Fortunately for myself we are safe and healthy and self isolating to continue that course. That brings a lot of available time so why not plan my next trip.

Our last trip was filled with early to us mornings and just felt too busy. We are 2 adults, will never rope drop (other than 1 time to get a BG) and have only seen one fireworks show in 2 trips to the world.

I’m thinking for our next trip we should focus on late starts with getting to parks early/mid afternoons, staying for fireworks and then finding a nice place for dinner. We like to eat several if not more table service lunch/dinners that don’t require change in park attire.

With those thoughts, how would you plan afternoons/evenings at Disney?

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I feel like I need more information…where are you staying? how many park days? any resort days? time of year?

Without that information I can still tell you - my first family trip we tried to RD. It didn’t go well. This last trip we did a lot more later starts and staying through fireworks. I love the parks at night. I like a late breakfast/early lunch TS meal, snacks throughout the day, and a dessert party to serve as dinner. I know not everyone likes the upcharge events, but I do. As far as rides, make your FPs for your must do’s and then see what else you can get done.

Myself and another mom did a Moms only trip. We came from the west coast and while we did RD, it was brutal! I told myself next time that I would try and do all the DAHs rather than RD.

Where we are staying is unknown and open to options. Likely on the delux side. I personally am a fan of the Epcot area for ease of restaurants but that was also with early nights and not sure if it changes if we stay at MK or AK later at night for fireworks. Previous stays have involved a couple nights at AKL and then a move to the Swan.

Stay will be for 7 days and more than likely park hoppers. I would love a resort day but DH is not a fan but I’m open to lighter park days where maybe it involves a ride or 2, fireworks and dinner.

Time of year would be in the slow times that don’t exist :rofl::rofl:. Late September or early October or early March based on Easter timing.

I agree with your strategy to have a more relaxed vacation. I definitely overplanned my last trip. We hadn’t been in 4 yrs and also did Universal for the first time. Then some unexpected and exhausting things happened and the last few days of the trip I was like a zombie. I don’t want that for my next Disney trip.

My advice is all.the.lounges. All of them. Nomad in AK, La Cava and Tutto Gusto in EP, Baseline and Olga’s in HS, Trader Sams, Abacadabar, Jock Lindsey’s… even if you don’t partake in alcoholic drinks, the atmosphere and small plates are so great. DH and I make it a point to slow down when it’s just the two of us and taking time to hang at a lounge is a perfect way to do that.

This is good advice. We are all for the adult beverages and I think there is opportunity to plan a more relaxed trip involving lounges!

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I vote for After Hours!!! They sound like a lot of fun for a non-ropedrop trip!

I would aim for first week in September following labor day. Slowest time of the year. As long as the heat doesn’t bother you.

Not a fan of the heat but the late starts could make that less of a concern.