If anyone is looking for ADRs on Labor Day weekend

and can’t find them, my apologies.

I appear to have them all :open_mouth:

I need to make some decisions and release the rest back into the wild!

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It was you!!

Just kidding! Don’t need any for that weekend! I’ve just been following the excitement for your grown-ups only trip! Yay you guys😀


Thanks! For some reason I keep on adding BlueZoo, canceling, adding again but I need to fit Trader Sam’s in!

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When are you planning to hit up Sam’s? We have to get over there too… Good Lord, a weekend is NOT ENOUGH TIME!!!

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I am hoping that HS FW will be on the early side Saturday night. Right now I think it is scheduled to close at 8:00. I thought I would try Trader Sam’s then!

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