If 7/8 people have a FP will they let the 8th thru?

I am organising my family’s trip to WDW. Since my mums a travel agent she gets half price tickets.

Unfortunately, her ticket has to be picked up onsite and we can’t book the FP for her in advance (I called and this is what they told me).
We are a group of 8, if we book the FP for 7 of us, what are the chances guest services will just mirror them all onto the 8th ticket?
Or will they at the scanning points let the 8th person thru after we explain the story?

I don’t think that they will let you through since the CM there is really just watching to see if your MagicBand makes the tapstile turn green. If she doesn’t have a FP, it won’t work for her. I also think it’s doubtful that they will mirror your choices for her, but I guess it can’t hurt to ask.

Ok. It’s just that I have heard stories of cheating the system by booking for half the group and acting dumb and getting through with the whole group and getting 6 selections instead of 3.

So I assumed that if people can cheat the system that easily then someone with a legitimate reason for not booking FP they will bring some magic to.

You could always give it a shot. Just maybe be prepared for them to say no.

Will there be at least one kid under 40 inches tall in your group of 7? Rider Swap equals an automatic FP+ for 3 people.


My experience is that they will. We got an extra FP for my entire party to Soarin’ on New Years Eve. We were late for a 9:15 AM fast pass and so I dropped my young adults off at the rider drop off area and parked. By the time I got over there is was 25 minutes late. We explained to the attendant what happened and he gave all four of us fast passes. I’d go up to one of the CM’s in front of the ride and explain and they should let all of you through.