If 50% of your party has FPP

My SIL just told me that she is hoping to tag along to our FPP for Navi.

She said she heard that if 50% of your party has FPP then the rest of the party can tag along. That doesnt sound right at all!

So she is hoping, she, her DH and 2 kids and jump in line with us. Please tell me that’s not the case, is it? I would be annoyed if non FPP people got ahead of me in another line just because they knew people with FPPs.

No, she isn’t right. Everybody has to have a FPP.

Thank you! I really didnt think so!! Sorry to vent but this is just typical SIL! :roll_eyes:

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Is it wrong that I’m envisioning you turning and waving to her as your family heads down the FP line while the CMs hold hers back and directs them to the long standby line? :rofl:


Nope, not wrong at all!!! I am doing the same thing, maybe even had a dream about it last night! :rofl: