Ideas for photo ops in DW to announce pregnancy

So I'm 11 weeks with baby #3. We will be in DW next week! We've told family and a few close friends but haven't made it Facebook official yet. I was thinking our trip next week would hopefully present a nice oppprtunity to make a cute photo announcement but I have no specific ideas. Any suggestions for photo locations, props, and poses would be appreciated.


Just noticed recently that at the top of the dumbo ride there are statues of storks with baby elephants bundled in their beaks.

Ooh, ooh -- put a my first visit button on your belly! smile


Go to one of the shops and take pictures around all of the baby cloths

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What about a photo with the pink and/or blue baby Mickey ears? They are sooooo cute. smile

Oohhhh love those baby eat hats! Make a cute sign about your due and have Mickey or your fav character hold it! Congrats!!! Don't forget to drink lots of water and lots of Mickey bars! wink

Are there signs posted near rides saying do not ride if pregnant? Pose near one of those maybe? DH shaking his head no at you pointing at pregnant as you head for the ride?


There are real storks at Animal Kingdom.

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