Ideas for non-park days

I have some time to fill on our trip and even more than I expected b/c I’m not going somewhere I had thought I’d go.

Friday, November 15th will be our day after MVMCP. I have zero planned other than drive my sister to/from AK. I am thinking about visit Fort Wilderness. I’d love some other things to do, though.

Monday, November 18th I will be free after 5PM. I do have a Storybook Dining ADR that I may cancel.

Wednesday, November 20th I have no plans until 8PM at AK (private party thing for the homeschool group). I should spend part of the day packing. I have an 11:30AM ADR (again - I may cancel) Trattoria al Forno.

What is the name of the store that old park merchandise gets sent to. Is it open to the public daily? Is it hard to find/get to? I will have a van.

Friday sounds like lots of pool time, lots of ice cream, and Hoop De Doo to me.

Are you planning to do a resort Christmas Decoration tour at the monorail resorts, Wilderness Lodge, and Epcot resorts? Add the Christmas Tree Trail to Disney Springs? Free Culinary Food Tour around 4 pm at Jiko and Boma? Ride the skyliner? Ride the boats? Electric Pageant?

Day after MVMCP, when you go to Ft. Wilderness, maybe you can tour the Christmas decorations at the monorail resorts and then boat to Wilderness Lodge to check its decorations. We are planning to eat at P&J Southern Takeout at the campsites at Ft. Wilderness. It has fried chicken “buckets” and slabs of ribs with sides to feed a family at reasonable prices.

Here’s the resort tour guide we will be using:

When you are in Disney Springs, go to the photopass studio to take pictures. They are included with your Memory Maker.

You can window shop Disney Spring and a food tour.

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Disney Character Warehouse. One on Vineland and the other on International Drive I think. Premier Outlets so should be open daily except certain holidays. Vineland location is only a few minutes outside Disney gate.

I’ve read about the outlets recently and needed to remember where:

There was also something on Lines linking another article about the outlet situation but didn’t save that one.

This would be the easiest and least expensive by far, but it’s November and not super warm. They may be entertained a little by swimming. They do swim a lot year round, so I’m not so sure they will think it’s that much fun.

I will look at this. Thank you.

We are doing the monorail circuit after MK on our first day when it closes at 6PM.
If we keep one of our ADRs for Storybook we can see the Wilderness Lodge then.
I hadn’t looked into Epcot resorts. I will read your link. Thank you.

Hmmmm - this was going to be one of our packed lunch days but my mom is crazy about fried chicken, as are two of my girls. Thank you.

I had no idea there were photopass places at Disney Springs.

I never read any blogs. It’s not that I am opposed to them, I just don’t know how to meaningfully navigate them.

Thank you! I appreciate the direction!!!

@stlouie - I remember seeing that story somewhere on this forum. It scares me a little. But the pictures looks so cool. I want to try it.

None of these ever occurred to me. Off to look them up. Thank you.

If you’re willing to drive off property, we had a lot of fun at the Crayola Experience at The Orlando Mall. You can make your own crayons, melted wax art, and personalized coloring pages. We got there at opening and ate Shake Shack, which is also in the mall, for lunch. Really fun for kids who love art!

Also seconding the holiday resort tour, especially if you keep the Storybook Dining. You could park at Wilderness Lodge, take the boat to Contemporary and do the loop, or take the boat to Fort Wilderness, too. If you time it right, you could see the Electric Pagent then too. If you still wanted to cancel the dining, you could try Geyser Point at WL for some good food overlooking the lake.

The Vineland outlets are nice, but try to go when they open or during an off time - they can get crazy crowded. There is a really good arepas/empanadas place to eat nearby called Q’Kenan that I highly recommend!

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Oooo. We went to Crayola Factory in PA many many years ago. My Littles have never been there.

Thank you.

It sounds like visiting resorts is the way to go. All my trips to WDW and it’s never been on my radar. Then again - it wasn’t Christmas.


Perusing my email during lunch and remembered the free Wonders of the Wilderness Lodge Tour from this post:

The above post links to here and someone commented on their experiences. More options for your resort tours:

This is an older post:



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To second an earlier suggestion - definitely Hoop Dee Doo. You can select a time of your choosing, which you could turn into a decent chunk of time at FW.

It’s not a million miles from either Typhoon Lagoon or Disney Springs if you wanted to go from one to the other (weather dependent), and both of those are accessible from anywhere on property. That would mean taking a bus there, whereas the launch from MK is a nice experience in itself.

Perhaps more practically, here is also the Electric Water Pageant ( if you are around at the right time - granted, it may be getting late for a rest day (9.45 at FW).

10:35 on our rest day. Yeet.

But otherwise - I’m excited to see how we use our time at the Fort. We have a campsite… but the bus situation seems daunting in the dark. I’m sure we can figure it out.

Maybe start the day at the Character Warehouse then tour some of the resorts in @stlouie links and end at FW!!


Only 10.35 at the MK! It’s as early as 9pm (and in fact the MDE app said 8.50pm for us) at the Polynesian. Which isn’t a bad place for dinner actually!

The bus stop at the HDDR end is quite un-daunting - it’s not in a random clearing or anything. Have never gone there other than by boat though so cannot speak for the other end of the trip!

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I compiled some ideas here: