Ideas for my AK plan

My 3.5 y/o daughter and my parents have FP for NRJ at from 10:30 am to 11:30 am. My wife and I will wait with our 1 y/o son while my daughter and parents ride NRJ.

My wife and I have FP for FOP from 11:10 am to 12:10 pm. My parents will be with the 2 kids while my wife and I ride FOP.

We have Noon lunch res at Rainforest Cafe so will try to get to FOP at 11:05.

Any thoughts on what my parents should do with the kids while my wife and I are on FOP? I figure it will be about 45 minutes from start to finish.

My initial thought was they could do the Maharajah Jungle Trek, but then thought there probably isn’t enough time from them to walk to the Jungle Trek, walk through and then get back in time for lunch.

The Boneyard !!! :smiley:

Or if that is too much walking, maybe the Discovery Island trails and looking at the tree of life ?

Are you sure you wanna go to Rainforest Cafe ? I don’t wanna rain ou your parade but it’s pretty bad… :frowning:

Any chance your parents could take your son on NRJ at 11:10 while you do FOP and nobody waits?? The FPPs overlap just fine.

Thanks for the input. I have eaten at Rainforest so I get it. My Dad is on a very, very low sodium diet so the options for him are limited. He can basically eat fruit, plain vegetable and plain fish. I called Rainforest and they said they can make him plain grilled fish without salt.

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Forgot to mention … My 1 y/o can’t walk yet and weighs 25 lbs. My parents are in great aerobic shape, but lifting him for long periods of time is too much for their backs. Taking him out of the stroller for NRJ line and ride will likely be too much for them. That is why they are taking our 3/5 y/o on NRJ while my wife and I wait with our 1 y/o.

Any of the TS restaurants can make special dishes for people; not just RC.

I second the Boneyard for something to do.

In that case, probably best to have them just explore a little while slowly heading towards rainforest. They could do the trails on discovery island and the Oasis and meet you by the exit to RFC.

I agree with @mgrayar, I think Discovery Island gets overlooked, but little kids like to see stuff up close which can happen while wandering around there. Looking at the Tree of Life up close would make for a great “I spy” game. Are you near enough to your vacation where you can find the schedule of performers? There are probably quite a few acts that will be around Pandora or Discovery Island that time of day.

Sometimes having a little time on your hands leads to discovering things that otherwise might get overlooked. Lots of times, that’s when the “magic” happens. I can’t ride a lot of the big rides, either and I really enjoy my “slow time” at WDW while I wait for everyone else to ride, which is why I much prefer it over other big parks.