Ideas for Day Off during 7 Day Visit

Hi all,

I’m travelling with my mom, her friend (seniors), myself and my 10 year old the last week of November. We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside and have 5 day passes. We arrive Sunday afternoon so I booked dinner at Boatright’s Dining Hall, thought we could unwind after flight, check out the resort and have dinner, maybe take the boat over to Disney Springs. Then we are booked Mon/Tues/Wed at MK, EP, HS respectively and are taking a break for the day Thursday. My mom has some mobility issues and we thought a day off would be good for her to rest. Then we are doing AK Friday and have an extra pass Sat to revisit a park (not sure which yet) figured we’d decide where we liked best and go back.

Any suggestions on what we could do Thursday outside of visiting the parks? I really want to make this an amazing trip for my mom, we lost my dad a few years ago and this was their special place. This will be her first time back since my dad passed so I’m doing everything I can to make it a great experience. Thanks so much in advance for any ideas.

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If you have a vehicle, maybe a quick trip to the beach on the west(Tampa) side is beautiful. Great eating and views. Don’t have to swim to enjoy the beauty.


I would sleep in, hang by the pool, and maybe a little mini golf. So much more and it’s not a day off :wink:


That’s a good point! Would be my personal preference but my mom was asking for something special for Thursday. I figured that I’d reach out and see if there’s any recommendations for something cool to do at one of the resorts within Disney (we don’t have a car, we’re flying in).

What about a special event like pirates and pals firework cruise or the Epcot illuminations Cruise? Tour the Christmas decorations at the resorts?


Some awesome ideas, thanks!

Go to some of the deluxe resorts. We went to AKL last year and had a great time!

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We might run into you on the busses! Also staying at POR the last week of November, and going to the same parks M/T/W :grin: we don’t have a day off planned, but I kinda wish we did! I was checking out the fishing hole and the surrey bikes at the resort but don’t know if we’ll be able to fit it in anywhere. We are going to Disney springs our first night there (we fly in Saturday) and on Monday morning for BBB. Might be an idea, take the boat over.

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POR has a boat to Disney Springs. For my day off, I would probably go with @OBNurseNH suggestions, but go to Disney Springs for dinner, maybe watch a show or just a good dinner.

They also have a very nice dine-in cinema if you want to stay in the AC! I have not been, but the reviews here have been pretty good.

Mini-golf is a good one or going to the Boardwalk at night to get some ice cream or see the entertainment.


We had a very spontaneously lovely evening at Boardwalk after our Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream


I booked a late afternoon lunch at Sanaa at AKL for my upcoming trip with my parents on our relax day.

The Christmas decorations should be up. I’d take a tour of the resorts. When we were there we took the monorail loop, then bused over to BC/YC. All have amazing decorations. WL and AKL also are great.

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Lots of great suggestions. Some other ideas might be a carriage ride–POR offers them. You could do a dinner show like HDDR after relaxing at the resort during the day. Or afternoon tea at the GF would be nice and you could see the Christmas decorations there.

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You can also watch the water pageant if you haven’t seen it from any of the resorts on the lagoon. Then stay for the fireworks.

This! I am adding this to my own wish list.

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