Ideas for a bit of a problem

We arrive on a monday around 2PM. We planned on only spending one day at Universal…before I realized they split up several aspects of the harry potter worlds in the two parks. SO now we are looking at trying to get to one park and do as much as we can then spend the rest of the day at the other. Which park should we allocate the most time with. Any suggestions on how exactly I should do this? For the most part we want to do the harry potter stuff. Whatever else we can do would be great. I have two daughters that are going to be 9 this year. Not quite tall enought to hit the 52"+ rides. I’ll hang up and listen.

You’ll most likely spend most of your time at Island of Adventure. We plan to enter through Diagon Alley, which is in the other park, and ride the Hogwart’s Express to the other side where Hogsmeade is. That park is where most of the rides are, plus other HP stuff.

The 52" will only be an issue for Dragon Challenge, I think. Not that there are a lot of “HP rides”, but still.