Ideal Number of Days for Solo Trip

i’ve been going back and forth on a possible solo trip next may. i’m trying to decide how many park days is ideal. i’m teetering between five or six park days.

any thoughts? what’s served other solo travelers best?

thanks so much! i appreciate your help!

I did 5 days last summer & had tons of time to do everything I wanted :slight_smile:

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I’ve done all four parks in one day and hit every attraction I really loved (in Orlando on business). That’s the nice thing about a solo trip - you can go at your own pace (be that slow or fast) and do whatever is most important to you in the time you have. There is plenty to do at WDW - you could live there and never do everything (which probably describes some people on this board). So if I had 5-6 days to spare, I’d totally go for it.


I would say 5 or 6

5 if truly solo. 6 if meeting up with people some of the time.

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I’m of the thought of “the longer the better.” If you can swing 6, go for it.

I did a 5 day in May and it was enough to do everything I wanted, but I also felt a bit limited. Mostly limited because I wanted to eat at more places and be in the bubble longer. I ended up bailing on boma because I had such a blast in MK earlier in the week and I wanted to do a repeat. I didn’t have enough time to fit boma in somewhere else.

Also with a 5 day, you only get 4 nights, so planning night time festivities was a bit of a challenge. Should any of those nights have been rain-outs, there was no chance for a do-over.


thanks for all of your replies! when it comes down to it, i’ll take any days i can get; it’s certainly a luxury to even be able to ask this question.

i’m on team @Randall1028 with the thinking “the longer the better.” if i’m already going to be there, what’s one more day, right?

getting the time off shouldn’t be an issue, so i’m leaning toward six park days. it’s that little bit of guilt to those left behind that makes me want to shorten the number of days. think i’ll go all in if i can swing it!


I mean, really. Let’s be honest. We all want to live there permanently and then that would be the ideal.


Then it wouldn’t be as special! I wouldn’t want be there more than nine months at a time, tops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did nine days solo last summer and am doing the same again this summer, though I include UOR in my summer trips. I did six at Christmas last year and that was just WDW. That was a nice length.


I’ve done several solo trips, all about a week (a couple of them slightly longer). For me, longer was definitely better. I had zero problems filling the time. :slight_smile:


I’m planning my first solo. The cost between a 4 day or 10 day package was less than $100. I’ll have to pay for food and miscellaneous those extra days, but that’s fine. My trip just got a lot longer!!


that’s great. happy to hear about the extra days! if i may ask, where did you find such savings on your trip cost? four to ten days is a big jump! thanks!


We are all listening!

Directly from WDW. I heard Brain on TP podcast discuss that after 4 days the on-site package prices don’t change much. I had been planning a 4 day trip. So I went back into the WDW / MDE site and verified. Here is a screen shot for a solo trip I’m debating doing in late August - before SWGE opens. 10 days is only $68.81 more.

How many nights would you be staying on property?

The first example only showed four days at the resort just to illustrate the difference in ticket price of 4 vs.10 days. The hotel price is the “No Ticket” price. In that example, if I stayed10 days the “No Ticket” price would be much higher. However, the overall price would still only be be less than $100 versus a four day. Here’s another example with 10 hotel days with 10 days park admission

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Wow! That sound amazing!!! #sologoals

Yep! I’ve got 890 more days until my solo trip! I can’t really plan it out yet because of the six new rides that will be open and SWGE. However, I went ahead & made a pseudo plan using 2019 info just to see if I could complete my WDW bucket list with 10 days.

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Did you change the dates on those comparisons? I’m a big enough geek that I just did the math and it looks like the 10 day v. 2 day price difference is almost $40 higher on the 10 day stay.

Yeah… I was just slapping together random dates as examples. The first was for this Aug. and the second was for next March. I was only trying to show the ticket price difference not hotel.

I did find $126 at All Star Music for 9/21 - 9/26 last night though. With tickets added it was only $1,020 or with Dining Plan $1300! My DW kept telling me to book it! I found $50 per night rooms for the same time at Wydham Garden - Disney Springs using Hotel Canary.

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