Ice Water at Quick Service

Hi - Kind of a niche question… we are traveling in December. Back in 2018, QS locations had free ice water dispensers where one could refill a water bottle or grab a quick cup of cold water.

Does anyone know if this still allowed with COVID restrictions? In NC all water fountains are closed, but I wasn’t sure about Florida and specifically WDW.


There are a few water bottle refill stations- but we literally only saw 1 in 7 parks days. You can get water at QS locations, but they have switched to much smaller cups, and you need a QS mobile order to get inside. No more just walking in and getting the cups they set to the side.


In addition to what @Wahoohokie said, at some places they are redirecting people who just want iced water from the more popular QS locations to an alternative QS nearby.

Your best bet is to ask the CM at the QS location entrance where to go for a cup of iced water.