Ice Palace Castle Transformation

I’ve been looking around to try to find this info and wondering if anyone knows… we will be in WDW early Dec. We are not attending MVMCP because our kids will be asleep by 8. Is the Elsa Ice Palace Transformation going to be before the party starts? Or what time will it be? Anyone know or have a guess? We will only be in MK one evening after dark, so I’m really hoping to catch it! Thanks.

It’s usually around 6pm every night.

So you should be able to catch the lighting before the party.

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THank you! It’ll be an awesome way to end the day for my kids!

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FYI - the “Dream Lights” on the Cinderella Castle have nothing to do with Frozen; they have been there for years before Frozen was made…

Yeah, but how are they going to change the castle stage show for this? Cinderella’s wish is fulfilled by Elsa instead of the Fairy Godmother? The Horrors!

Oh - that’s right… I pay virtually no attention to the live MK shows, and had forgotten that the castle show was getting a Frozen overlay - makes perfect sense that the castle lighting will be reinterpreted as a Frozen thing. I’m SO tired of Frozen taking over WDW. EP, DHS, MK… I shudder to think how they are going to coax A&E into AK. Maybe they could put them in the tiger enclosure…

Lol. I am a fan of the movie, but I totally agree that it they are going completely over board on it. I am all for a refurbishment of the Norway ride, but it really doesn’t have to be Frozen-themed. I know that WDW gets criticized a lot of being “too slow” to make changes, so it seems they are going in the opposite direction with all of this. I am just not convinced that it has the staying power, and “Frozen fatigue” was high before all of this was announced.

Edited to note that this sentiment has been expressed and discussed in depth on other threads.