Ice Packs

Hi all - what do you guys use to bring coolers into the park and keep food cold? Just reading the blog post about the fridges and realized there isn’t even the mini freezer-compartment in the fridge. (Which makes sense now thinking about the amount of frost those things produce.) But we were planning to bring milk, yogurt and other snacks in a small cooler into the park each day. At home I use frozen water bottles, but that won’t work now. Do most people use a ziploc filled with ice? That is the only option I can think of at the moment. Thanks!

I would fill zip lock bags with ice from the ice maker at the resort.

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What time of year? Sorry I keep thinking about the scene in Anchorman: “Milk was a bad choice!” No reflection on you, melcort10, just that scene always makes me laugh!

Milk you can buy shelf stable in single servings. Skip the yogurt and find another snack to bring.
Or eat the yogurt within the first few hours of the day and it will be fine.

That’s what we do - just be prepared for leaks. I usually take the zip lock bag with ice and put it in another zip lock along with a couple of paper towels if I need to keep the rest of the stuff in the cooler dry.

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Our mini-fridge had a small freezer section on our last two visits (both to BLT). I had no frost issues and the freezer section successfully froze small ice packs. I threw those into a small cooler that came with our stroller rental (Kingdom Strollers) and we were good for the day.
If I remember correctly, I added reusable ice packs to my Garden Grocer order.

Thanks everyone! I think the double bag of ice will probably work best. He’s still a baby and milk/yogurt are such staples that we’ll figure out a way to make it work!

Worst case scenario, they do sell milk in little cartons at the parks, and I don’t remember it being too expensive. I often saw yogurt as well.

Maybe not the most cost effective choice, but in the interest of saving space & carrying extra stuff…I would consider purchasing single serving yogurt in the tubes (think gogurt or pouches). Then just freeze those. Have one defrosted in the morning and the others will defrost through the day. No need to carry ice. That is, of course, assuming you have a freezer in the room fridge.