I ❤️ tsa

I’ve been reading the TSA’s list of items allowed/not allowed as carry-on. It’s incredibly detailed and even listed an item I was specifically worried about.


That’s always a great sign when you see that


I was flagged due to a Harry Potter wand at the Nashville airport…had 3 different TSA agents come over to inspect before they called the supervisor, who rolled his eyes and waved me thru.


You didn’t turn any of them into a frog did you?!?

I appreciate the efforts of the TSA - I don’t know how effective they are - but they are just doing their job.

This recalled a few years ago when I bought a sorcerer Mickey big fig at WDW and brought it in my carry-on as I was afraid it would get broken in the checked luggage. Mickey is holding a wand that is totally made of rubber and very flexible. He was wrapped really well thanks to the caring CM at the shop in WDW but this caused some concern with TSA because they “saw something sharp” inside my bag. They asked to take a better look and of course, I obliged. Watching the whole thing was hysterical as the man carefully put on gloves and unwrapped Mickey slowly to ensure he wasn’t “poked” by the sharp object lol. I know that he was having to take the necessary precautions which is why it didn’t upset me in the slightest but it was quite a site to see as someone who knew a giant mouse holding a wand was waiting for him under all the brown wrapping paper. http://www.yourwdwstore.net/assets/images/3/30000/2000/100/32123%20(1).jpg