I thought my immunity would last longer, but I have serious Disney fever!

Gah! I’m losing it! We had an amazing vacation in May 2022, we did it up big because we knew we wouldn’t be back for a few years. When we got home I unsubscribed from all of the Disney related FB sites and quit checking this forum so I wouldn’t get sucked into trying to plan another trip. I figured if we took a big trip and did all of the things, it would hold me over for at least a few years.

Well, with all of the recent Iger news I just had to pop on here to see what everyone was saying, and then I realized my membership was expiring, so I figured I could renew it, what could it hurt? Checking back in has given me a serious case of Disney fever! Last night I dreamed I was The Poly, I could smell the lobby in my dream. Man, I want to go back so bad. I think the soonest we could make it back would be April/May of 2025. I just wanted to share with people who would understand.

In the meantime, I’ll be here lurking, reading everyone’s trip reports. :laughing:


I get it! Especially with all the fun liners are having there right now.


Yeah, the Uncensored trips are killing me with the FOMO.


The forum itself is chiding you….

It’s been a while since we’ve seen ABPlanning — their last post was 8 months ago.


Hahaha! Look at how good I was doing, 8 months!

The FOMO is real! I will just be here lurking for the next year until it’s socially acceptable to start planning my 2025 trip :laughing:


Gosh I’m On the same timeline—- hoping 2024 but could be 2025. Still hanging out with all the FOMO at least things should be completed when we return!


Lol yeah it’s kinda like a sickness :laughing:

People say I have a problem, but I say I have a hobby…


Pretty sure it was socially acceptable to have started last year. :wink:

I spent 4 years planning mine, only for it to be postponed twice. And already back in planning mode probably for 2025/26.


Yes! We went in 2019 and Tron was under construction. We were supposed to go back in 2020, but that got cancelled and pushed to 2022, and I remember telling my family “at least they will probably be done with Tron by then” :rofl:

Guardians opened a month or two after our last trip, so we will have at least 2 new rides the next time we go.


LOL, the best and most expensive hobby ever!


depends on the social circle :sweat_smile:

I’m not telling anyone irl, including my wife, that I’m already planning the next trip a month after the last one :grimacing: it will likely be at least a year from now so it’s not like it’s that early, but most people wouldn’t get it. I know everyone here does!


Totally get it!
This past December was supposed to be our last WDW trip for a couple years (planning to go cruising) but booked a June trip when we found out Tron would be opening in spring. We’ve been watching this ride be built for so long and are looking forward to riding it! Then we will be back sometime in 2025. At least, that’s the plan :grin::laughing:.


By “socially acceptable” I actually meant on here. I didn’t think about the real world. :sunglasses:

And absolutely, I don’t tell my DH I’m planning our next trip. And I guess I’m not planning in the spreadsheet and notes sense, but in the gathering of ideas sense.


Right there with you! We went in October 2022 and have no trip on the horizon (well in my head we do but none booked lol) But I always hope DH will spring a “I have a conference in Orlando soooo” :relaxed: I too try to stay away from this forum after a trip but as soon as any, ANY Disney news breaks, this is the first place I go!!


Haha, yes! Audience matters! I haven’t told anyone but this group and DH. DH thinks I’m a little crazy, I’m definitely not telling the rest of the world that I’m already thinking about going back yet!


I can relate! Mine will be end 24 or mid 25. Maybe I can make a Disneyland short trip by the end of 23…


I plan a trip just to be in a happy place. No actual travel date needed. :blush:


Ha ha ha. I get it. Truly. I have to stop reading TP website and chats after my trips also.

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What a great way to put it! I love the planning portion as much as the actual trip.


Everything is still perfect in the planning stages. :smile: