I think I'm starting to go crazy from trying to decide


Where to stay?!?! We are fairly limited as there will be 5 and possibly a little one in a crib (trying really hard to get him to stay with a friend..)

Every time I think I have made up my mind, I find something else that looks appealing. Originally, we were going to stay at BLT, but now have changed our minds... Where have you all stayed with larger families? There are some really good deals at OKW, BW, AoA, FW cabins... I keep going between FW and AoA, but a little nervous about FW because it seems like you would waste lots of time walking/waiting for buses, and 60/day for a golf cart is outrageous! Please help me before I start looking like this guy! scream


Have you decided what level of resort you want to stay at? What are your priorities? How much time will you be in the room? Will you have a car?


We just did a 6 person suite at AoA in the cars section - it was great and close to everything. We made the decision away from a FW cabin for the same reason you mention and were glad. But, never been to FW so can't speak from experience.


We stayed at AoA in a Finding Nemo suite and liked it for its value. I would say everything is very cute, stays really well to the theme, and is great for families with young kiddos, but if you are wanting something upscale or adult-friendly, AoA doesn't fit that bill, imo. WDW has some amazing choices as far as hotels go, I've heard a lot of people on here sing the praises of the BC, BCV, and Poly, if $$ isnt quite so much a factor one of those may be a good option to look in to too. If you are wanting to save money, AoA really is a fun and lively hotel that is great for the value. Whichever way you go- YOURE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!! Have a blast smile


I would recommend AoA. We stayed there (it was 4 of us, me, DH, DD4 and DS7) and we really like the space that the cars suite gave us. no internal buses and great theming for kids. I had a friend who stayed at FW cabins. they did not have a golf cart and she said that she felt like she was always waiting for a bus or boat b/c of all the internal stops at the resort. So if you aren't going to have a golf cart, I wouldn't stay there, just my opinion. I am sure others will feel differently.


We have 6 (one infant) and stay either GF or Dolphin. I'd love to try AOA sometime. Actually, that will be our only choice once the baby is older, unless we get two rooms. We drive, so busses don't matter as much. AOA parking can be convenient to the room if you make the right requests.


Love love love AoA, especially If you are bringing younger kids! The vibe is fun and the theme is amazing! Pools are great and we've never had a problem getting to parks! If there is five of you, you could maybe think about POR with te fold out bed? Happy planning!!!! I'm in the same boat as you, trying to decide which hotel in oct for 4(plus baby) good luck... Just remember you really can't go wrong with any of them wink


We stayed at FW over Labor Day weekend and really loved how much there was to do at the resort itself. I think if we were going to be trying to spend all of our time in the parks, the transportation issue would have bothered us more, though. We stayed without a golf cart, and by the end of the weekend, we did wish that we had one (mostly going to the pool and back because we had a car, so going to every park except MK we drove).

I stayed at OKW last weekend, and love all the extra space you have in one of those rooms. If you don't want to feel like you are tripping over each other, that's the way to go. That said, if you rely on food court meals, it is more difficult to get them at OKW as everything is up at the Hospitality House area.

AoA has the best pool of the ones you've listed, and the best food court. I haven't stayed there yet, so I can't comment about room size feel.

I'm not personally impressed with either BLT or BW -- aside from location, it is a meh for me.