I Take Orders from Just One Person ... ME! A Solo Trip Report

And I say this in the most loving, OM yoga pose type of way….but screw that guy.

You can’t be held responsible for his jumping to conclusions with the littlest amount of data points made available to him.

Trust me that speaks to him more than it ever will about you blocking a door, by accident or no.

I’m not there yet, but I’d have loved to have been you, smiled my biggest smile at him and tell him to have a blessed day, with just the tiniest hint of crazy glinting in my eye.


Next time will you consider posting in Cava?! You’re giving away my best kept secrets :joy:


A follow up from my earlier comment, which I think was largely a response to the many immature college age people I see here for spring break: I will just say that I am a firm believer that most people are inherently good, and that if you get to know them, you can grow to love (almost) anyone. I have faith in humanity as a whole.

But we can all be douches sometimes. :rofl:


Ok, I absolutely adore you. Thank you for the precursor and I agree. Faith is not lost. All is well. Whew.


Another of my favorite!!


I decided for my last ride to run to the complete opposite side of the park. :rofl: I had 15 minutes and I got there in 5. I rode left side this time and I think it may be slightly less batter-y. But DL is definitely smoother. No for ice cream. :yum:


Pop bus stop had 3 bus loads of people waiting when I got there at 11:40. The buses were waiting in a row and filled up pretty quickly, but it did take some time due to needing to assist one passenger with an ECV. (That process is painfully slow, tbh … I wonder if there is some way to speed that up.)

Anyway, made it back to Pop and now I’m going to try to sleep before my last day tomorrow. :frowning:

Good news is it’s AK day! I’m debating how early to wake up … I don’t think I can rope drop after being up past midnight. Plus there’s not much I need to ride at AK with my favorite rides down for maintenance. And I can use LL for everything else.

See you all tomorrow!




The films in all 3 countries made me feel dizzy/sick on our first trip and I’ve never attempted than again. I don’t ever get motion sick on a ride!


Good morning!!!

It’s 7:47am and I’m surprised I’m already on a bus on my way to AK.

I woke up at 7am, got LLs at the 7:11am (KS - I had to keep refreshing with faith believing in the method from 7:07 all the way until 7:11, also @bebe80 note my selection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and 7:17am (FoP - again it was a bit after 7:17 and had to keep refreshing) drops.

Only then could I get ready (lightning fast, for me!), at which point I repacked the few items I got out and took my luggage to storage. Surprisingly, there was no wait to drop off for check-out. (There was a small line for arrival bag drop, which is on the front side of the main building vs. back for check-out.)

Then I walked briskly to the bus stop, only running when I saw that an AK bus was waiting with no line. There was still plenty of space. It left within 3 or 4 minutes of me boarding. Nice!

I should be to AK around 8am, a half hour after general opening. I don’t know how people make it to early entry. :flushed:

And now, only if you’ve read this far so you deserve to see some pics of my kids. They celebrated my FIL’s birthday last night. :relaxed:


Here are some of my Photopass photos from my trip so far (that I’m not paying for. :joy:)

I’m especially fond of that RNRC one. :smiling_imp: And not sure what’s going on in the HM one. :joy:


Ha! Why not NRJ? :wink:



In the words of @OBNurseNH, Hello Gorgeous! (Whether that’s referring to the tree or me, the world will never know. :wink:)


Breakfast of champions while I wait for KS to open.

Mickey’s celebration Cinnamon roll is too dry. And wtf is that blue shit? Looks like an alien exploded on it. But it will do to get my empty stomach settled for the morning. I have lunch at like 11am.


The HM one is actually sheer perfection!


Huge line for KS pre-opening. They let us in at 8:30 (both LL and standby).


You just don’t sleep. Easy.


Lol. It can be your very own secret :shushing_face:

Great pics of my tree! :deciduous_tree:


Some people need more beauty rest than others.

Also some people are humans