I Take Orders from Just One Person ... ME! A Solo Trip Report

No France is seated. It does have a panoramic screen though. Maybe 180 degrees?

China and Canada are 360


Hmm, maybe I could handle it. The vertigo is strong with me.


France was <180 and didn’t give me any problems. Canada was 360 and did a little.

Canada Far and Wide was great, but not as good as Impressions de France. If I were to pinpoint why, I’d say it’s because the French film included lots of faces of people. The Canada film had people but from wide angles so you couldn’t make out most of the faces.

It was amusing to me to hear Moira being sincere. :rofl: And I was surprised that they worked in a joke with the punchline “Heli-yes!” :rofl:

I decided to head straight to MK rather than watch Harmonious again. Good call - I probably wouldn’t have had a lot of time at MK.


This trip has reminded me that of all the people in the world, a large majority of them are annoying and self-absorbed. At least the ones who go to Disney. :joy:

Sorry that probably came across as judgmental. Which it was. But I should have censored myself. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It is absolutely hilarious that was post 666 :rofl::rofl::heart_eyes:


But also I totally agree. And they are everywhere, including Disney.


We need a new category for this edgy-Jeff! The Anti-Z1! I love it!


Sad face.

It’s like seeing an Angel cry.


OMG I was just the asshole who didn’t wear a mask on the Epcot monorail. :man_facepalming:t2: I completely forgot and must have been too (lol) self-absorbed to hear the announcement about it.

I was sitting next to this douche who was swearing up a storm about the NCAA game he was watching on his phone, with children presumably in earshot. And I was like, why is this idiot so inconsiderate, yet considerate enough to be wearing a mask? Then I looked around and realized everyone had one. And I remembered. D’oh!

It can happen to anyone.



You don’t like edgy Jeff?

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I can happen to anyone.

Apparently tonight you are running into all kinds of annoying people.


Thankfully this forum has more than its share of the good ones. :wink:


Made it to MK aim really good time. Walked (ok ran) right onto the transfer monorail and it left shortly after. There was the most massive throng of people outside MK trying to get into transportation after Enchantment. Never leave right after Enchantment unless you’re walking somewhere.

In the spirit of trying new things, I’m finally watching this!!!


I think if Jeff loses his faith in humanity as a whole, then we’re all in trouble.

But I may be putting a little too much pressure on his shoulders.

God knows I’m one of the self absorbed pricks cutting through crowds (thank goodness for my parade route training) and focusing on my family’s comfort above (but not in place of) anyone else’s.

I still stand for preggos, older people and exhausted kiddos on buses and the monorail. I’m not a monster.


I’m going to have to call BS on that.


You’re the best! And I wish. Let’s hope I never have to be again.

But I still flip off the one set of neighbors once in a while, so /shrug. Mostly when they’re too close to my lawn.


You make me laugh. We all have those moments. I don’t think it makes us fallen angels.


I remember one time sitting close to the doors on the subway in Toronto and I wasn’t paying attention. Took me awhile to realize that the young lady standing in front of me was expecting.
So up I get and give her my seat.
Just as the subway pulls into the next station.

But now I’m standing in the doorway as it opens and a wave of people come on.
First one on is an elderly gent in his Sunday best.
So I have to backtrack awkwardly to let him on and he’s scowling the whole time and grumbles about me blocking the doorway.
I barely managed an apology before he adds “your mama didn’t raise you right”

I couldn’t think of anything to say to improve that situation.

Some days you can’t win.


Once again I was not disappointed by going off the beaten path! Hall of Presidents was fantastic. I should do that more (try new things).

I used LL for BTMRR and am riding PotC standby (walk-on). Coming to the parks after 9 is a great idea for doing a lot in a short amount of time, even without LL. Combine with extra hours and you could get a full day in after dinner.