I suffer from FOMO and need help keeping my plans reasonable

Through a number of posts I have mentioned our early Dec short trip ending in now 1 day at UOR with EP (this has changed many times, we have never been to UOR and kids want to experience it but we need to be mindful of missing school days too. So if we love it can we can head back for another trip during a school break)

We are staying officially (I will never change it again!) at Pop! With 2D PH and free water park pass. We are flying in and likely get rental car. My current plan

Day 1 arrive evening, go to bed early

Day 2 HS for RD (TSL priority) then …

Option 1) PH to Epcot with CP (have NPH booked with Biergarten) then see Illuminations with holiday Peace on Earth ending. We haven’t seen Illuminations. OR my fam didn’t love Epcot last time so skip it and either…

Option 2) take break then go to MK (late EM until 11). I have reservation finder looking to book 1900 PF for dinner (around 6 or 7) we could valet park GF and go to MK

Option 3) PH to Epcot via boat. Spend a few hours doing things we missed last time like meeting Joy and Sadness, checking out a few holiday around the world spots like Father Christmas in UK. Then monorail over to MK for dinner (reservation finder also looking for CRT- we didn’t get to eat there last time and I really want to go into the castle!)
We could even break the group and those who want to rest go back to Pop! And those who want to go all out (myself and DS10 most likely!) hop to Epcot and then meet at MK or GF depending on what works out with dinner reservations.

Day 3) MVMCP, we will either do some time at DS for Void (DH and DSs) and BBB appoint (for DD) then valet park WL, eat at WCC, boat over to MK for 4pm

Day 4) AK as early as we can after check out, leave bags in car and drive to UOR after AK (plan to stay through ROL but is scheduled early in Dec)

Day 5) UOR

Day 6) late afternoon flight out, could hit DS if we choose WP on day 3 and still want to do the Void

Thanks for any input and any help for me to keep these plans real!

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Disclosure that I just learned what FOMO was about 20 min ago but it clearly describes me and my Disney planning obsession!


I’m missing it. What is FOMO?

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Fear of Missing Out


Ahhh… I suffer from that too!

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That’s a dilemma. For me just MVMCP wouldn’t be enough MK, so I would be tempted to say Option 3. But I’m not sure my family could make it RD to EMH closing. We would be more likely to accomplish RD HS, park hop to EP for a few hours, take a break and then a few hours at MK in the evening.

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I think it is fairly common on this forum! I suffer from it too.

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Is there a specific reason for the meals at the resorts? For me, if I were going for a short trip, I would give up on dining at the resorts to spend more time in the parks.

WCC is so we can park at WL and eat before the party. If we go to DS we could eat there instead then park at TTC but we aren’t planning to go to a park before the party. I think driving this day makes sense.

1900 PF was a thought to give us a break and then a place to park if going to MK. But we really don’t have to drive. Especially if we don’t take a break and just go from park to park we maybe better off taking shuttles.

Since we can sleep in on day 3 I’m wondering if no break on Day2 is not pushing it. We could stick to 2 parks that day, but I’m struggling with what combo? Also is 3 parks in one day craziness?

MK is CL 9 that night :grimacing:

I think you said that your family was not crazy about Epcot, right? So I think RDing HS, then boat or walk to IG at Epcot and pick food somewhere around the world. Then, I would check if there is any rides anybody wants to try, then monorail to MK and spend whatever time is left. I would see the boat and the monorail as rides and a way to see Epcot without wasting time.

Regarding MK CL: I have found that after fireworks, people tend to leave, it is much more enjoyable. NOt empty, but still better.

I would probably try CRT the day of the party, while DD is all dressed up as a princess.

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I was thinking we need more MK time as well. HS plan has us finishing at 2:30. If we go to Epcot we likely won’t have time for break. But since we can sleep in the next day, I’m thinking we can power through.

If we go with that option, I am uncertain about missing Illuminations again. We could actually pop in at the end of our AK to catch it though if we really want to.

Totally agree with this - the one caveat I’d have is you need to make sure your plans don’t require going through those exiting crowds. For example, if you’re on the wrong side of the hub and need to cross the mass of people exiting to do what you want, that’s a problem…


I like this plan best too. And we didn’t ride monorail or boats last time so I do view them rides.
Would you spend party time at CRT? I keep being on the fence about this? But does make sense if she does BBB.

Are you allowed to stay parked at the resorts while you to the parks?

I asked a CM and they said yes if paying for valet parking. I think otherwise you are allowed to park for up to 3 hours.

Definitely do RD at HS for TSL.
We did this 2 weeks ago and rode on SD, TSM, TOT, RORC, and SW before 9:30!
If I did it again, I would do SD twice right away. The line NEVERS gets shorter!

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That is a good question. I think they let party-goers into MK at 3pm on party days (but it might be 4pm). I would probably try to get a CRT booking for like 4pm? So it would not require en extra park day but you would not lose precious party time.

Edit: I double-checked. You can enter the parks starting at 4pm. Maybe there are CRT at 4:15pm? That might be a good way to see the princesses and not lose too much party time.

We rope dropped TSL twice last week with good results. We opened with Slinky, then one day did AS2 followed by repeats of TSMM. The second time we just hit TSMM even more often and skipped AS2. We had FPs for SDD later in the day so a ride to open and then a FP repeat later worked well and was enough for us. The lines for TSMM were very low through around 9 on a 7AM open both days which we took advantage of…

Can you scale back HS to give you more time at EP and MK? That’s what I would probably do.

I did on our first “once in a lifetime” trip, from about 5:30-7:00 p. I’m not sorry we made that decision at the time because it was a great experience to have once, but it also used up 90 minutes we could have spent on other things. So if you don’t think you will have the opportunity to do it otherwise it might be worth it to you to do an early reservation. For us in the future I wouldn’t make a TS reservation during party time again as I would rather use the time for the party itself.