I say!

Hello my Darling Colonists, I hope you haven’t missed me too much.

Looks like with DD14,'s 14! School is giving us an extended mid-term break so DW and I will be skipping over the pond with smile and a wave, to rescue you from torpor and liven you up with tales of cricket, tea and jam and scones, and our very own bag of surprises, Brexit. Larks! What cads we are.

We are just minor finger tremors away booking flights and landing in late October. I have never seen park figures so low. I mean MK with crowd level 1. What will I do?

Just waiting of DSiL to extract a digit and let me know that I can pay for her too and we are off.

See you soonest I hope. xx

Johnny E


I’m also end of Oct, into Nov, and the crowd level “predictions” seem to be not trustworthy at ALL.
Not buying it, but fingers are crossed.

Also, a cookie is NOT a biscuit. Get it right!
Safe travels! Get it booked!

While low CL are nice and all, don’t be surprised if your favorite attraction is closed for repairs or operating at a minimum capacity.

I once believed that a CL1 was going to be a ghost town only to find out that HM and SM were closed and only half of Soaring was open. The crowds were probably less but their impact was felt more.

The people at Disney are masters of optimization and with the flick of a button they can enable a free DDP promotion with no minimum and have a surge local AP holders within a few days.

We’ve been in October, as well as in September. In both cases, most rides were almost a walk-on, other than the most popular of rides. Even those were relatively very short waits.

Enjoy it! Great time to go.