I ❤️❤️❤️ Res Finder!


Just wanted to thank @len and everyone at TP for all of the work put into the reservation finder tool!
I originally had what I thought to be a pre-RD BOG breakfast....but that day turned into an 8am opening. Decided we'd rather enjoy first hour or so of touring and have a slightly later BOG breakfast but by the time I came to that realization I couldn't find such a thing. Today I got the magical text and actually snagged it in time!!



Congratulations and enjoy breakfast!!


Thank you @Hi-Ho!! We've never done BOG breakfast and the kids really want to. Since a pre-RD time wasn't as viable anymore (not that I reeeeeally wanted pre-RD on an 8am opening day....9am opening is one thing, lol) I really was hoping to change it to a little later. I think we discussed this @Outer1?


Have fun!!! The reservation finder got me 1900 last week. That text made me so happy! Congrats!


It found me a 5pm Ohana last week for our December trip....it is so great! Considering last years trip I think I paid $8 for a different system to find a reservation for me. :slight_smile:


Oooh nice! I have my other one set up for Ohana! I did get a text for it the other day but it was a 3:55 dinner so I passed, lol. I'm sure something will come through!


Have you gone to Ohana for dinner before? We have not....hoping its awesome! We have been for breakfast and that was great,


We have! Done both breakfast and dinner, that's why I want to go back, lol!! Dinner is amazing, one of our favorite meals there, I'm sure you'll enjoy!


I have one set up for a dinner at a reasonable time at BOG in March, I really hope they find it. I went ahead and grabbed a 9:00 because I figured I could get the earlier time quicker modifying rather than starting from scratch. I know I have a while til the trip, but I am on pins and needles hoping it comes through!!


I got a text for a Beaches and Cream reservation I wanted and ran to my computer to snap it up... I've got all my reservations now and I can basically relax until it's time to pack (just kidding, I'm sure I can find something to stress over). I love TP and would recommend it to anyone who needs to plan their vacations just for that reservation finder!


It's like you pulled this sentence directly from my brain.... :smiley:


I have been trying to get a BOG lunch reservation for months! I've received at least 5-6 notifications from the reservation finder, but by the time I log on and try to book, they're gone. :frowning:


I've been to Ohana for dinner! It's AMAZING! YUM YUM YUM!!!


Yes, that has happened to me several times! I luckily snagged it in time this time! :smiley:


It is great!


Coincidentally @PedsNursePatty & @t9383 - My Ohana res finder just came through too!! :smiley: :smiley:


The reservation finder is awesome!! I had made an almost Lunch like dinner reservation at Tusker House, and it helped me find a later reservation, so it'll feel more like dinner :).
It also helped me get PRD at BOG, and the time I wanted at Trex.
It is great!! It


Got my BOG dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY res finder!!


Woohoo, congrats!!! Day/time you wanted?


Yes, it was perfect, 6:15 on the day I wanted!