I really cannot make up my mind about my first day

I have posted before I will be traveling solo coming down to DE for a work conference and added a couple of days prior to enjoy some “me”. Problem is, going solo I’m having a hard making up my mind on my plans.
What is set in stone is my arrival at MCO is 10am, catching DME to CSR. Plans for the night at DAH at MK, have a few FPs first one to be there by 730p. What I am debating inside my head is what I want to do before hand…

I currently have a 415p ADR for Storybook Dining but not sold on it yet. Plus I think 415p is a bit wary if I wanted to rest a bit after traveling and a long night ahead.

I really wanted to go to Trader Sams but would I have to arrive way early to get my name on the list for a seat? Do you need to be on the list for a seat at the bar or just for tables? If I go that route, would ideally like to be at Poly around 530p which is prime time or should I make it early. Where would I grab something to eat before DAH?

Then I’m thinking to scrap that plan and go to DS but unsure where, personally have only been to TRex so open to suggestions. But then I’m thinking DS might be a PIA to get to MK afterwards.

So sorry for all this thinking out loud, but as awesome as it is to go solo and do just what I want, it’s hard to make a decision without bouncing it off of anyone! Plus I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous about being solo and feeling strange.
Thank you for any and all help you might be able to give me!

Your plan of Storybook Dining before AH is exactly what we’ve got set up. We’ve got a 4pm Res at AP then heading to VAH for 7pm. Clearly that’s the direction I’d steer you in while hoping it’s an awesome plan!! Enjoy your solo time.

Logistically, I think you would fare better hanging out at Poly, or maybe even Contemporary for proximity to MK. DS will be a little bit of a pain to get to, and who wants to deal with that on the first day and after waiting at airports and on a plane. I did Storybook Dining solo and never once felt awkward, but there are certainly better places to go for solo travel. Try not to be nervous, and once you get a game plan together and are on your way you will find that it’s not strange at all. Especially since you can make decisions on the fly, effortlessly bob and weave in/out of crowds, and oftentimes get plucked out of ride lines when they need a party of one.

This has been my plan from the very beginning. If I have time to kill after dinner, could catch a drink at GP since I haven’t stayed at WL since the addition of. I mean, I planned everything down to my outfit! Got a special Snow White poison apple shirt just for this dinner but kind of kicking myself when I saw another opening for 515p and didn’t take it. I know it’s just an hour but that’s an hour of rest I could be getting, that is with fingers crossed that my room will be ready early enough.

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Honestly, I’m not big on DS to begin with and I have a feeling I will be spending sometime there later in the week with colleagues from work after our meetings but brainstorming on other ideas for the night. I think I will cross it off the list, for now anyways.

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I understand about planning your outfit. I did the same thing, but it didn’t work out well.
I ordered a shirt with Dopey on the front and it read - I’m So Dope. It was super cute, but didn’t arrive until the day I left for Disney. I think it would have been a bust anyway because I wasn’t seated until after 9:00 pm, and by that time I was incredibly tired having been up since 2AM. I was grumpy because as a solo diner they sat me at the worst possible table in a corner, blocked by a wall.

When the characters came around they didn’t have handlers to take pictures. I tried doing a selfie with Dopey, but his head was too big. :laughing: My special shirt never would have made it into the picture anyway. It was my first time solo at a character meal, and I had no idea the characters would show up alone. I was so tired that I didn’t bother to ask someone at another table. Again, I was in a corner and there were no parties next to me to even feel comfortable asking them to take a pic. Since then, a tip I learned is to ask the characters if they can go and get a friend. From what I’ve been told, they’re happy to do it. My super cute shirt still makes people in the real world smile. I’m just disappointed Dopey didn’t get to see it.