I NEED this popcorn bucket

Steamboat Willie is one of my top two favorite Mickeys. Who is going very soon who can help me with this???


Ahem… @mousematt owes you a favor. Or 30. :wink: isn’t he leaving in a few days?

(Yes.that sound you hear is the bus I’m throwing him under. Beep. Beep.)


If she gets an I Am Mickey MB sent to my resort, I’ll get her the popcorn bucket.

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Do you know how long it’ll be there? I’ll be going in around a month.

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No idea. They allegedly sold out quickly in DLR

But I have at least one person, perhaps two (at a cost :wink:) who are on the job.

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Ok. That’s good. I didn’t expect them to last a month.

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Yeah they will go quickly.

I just saw on the countdown threadd that @joefishing209 goes in 3 days. And @lizzieanne771 you are inside one month too, right?


@OBNurseNH — are they out now? Where are they? I’m in Epcot today and AK tomorrow if you still need someone to find it for you!


Haven’t these already been out since May? I seem to recall seeing…something… that is Steamboat Willie when I was there. I thought it was these? Or is this something new?

The Mickey butt one was out when we were there. This one was just released.

Looks like, from what I’ve seen, it’s just in MK. But thank you!

This one was out then. Very similar. But different in oh-so-many-ways.

This seems like one that @mousematt would want. I’d have gotten it for him but…

Yep! 25 days to Disney, 28 to the cruise.


I will let you know if I need you to help me out! :slight_smile:

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In the same way that I’m not really into Disney movies, I’m not really into Disney march, either. I actually prefer the Steamboat Willie bucket to the red and black one, but neither is something I’d buy for myself.

I’ve made a fuss about Magic Bands, though I don’t really know why. As someone observed in another thread, you only wear them for a few days and then (in my case) they get put in a box and forgotten about.

I can kinda see the attraction of Disney pins.

But to the point in hand: How does someone get the popcorn bucket to you? Isn’t it quite a lot of hassle for them to do so?

Hmmm now that you mentioned it, I do seem to recall noticing in my studies that there is a difference in black, gray, and white and …color. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness (and not that it at all matters), I’m sure I saw at least one person with it in Hollywood Studios. I remember thinking it had something to do with the 30th anniversary with the park and all. Though looking it up on the googles™, it looks like it was in DL for a while, so I probably just saw someone carrying it around as a purse or something.

Either way, hope ya get it! As for how they get it to you, you simply “ship it home” and the “home” is @OBNurseNH’s address. Easy.

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One could ship it. The recipient would pay shipping.

But I will be seeing @BGK in October so if he is able to snag it might be easiest to hand off then. He is there on my birthday 7/3 ahead of your trip. If he isn’t successful I will beg you to carry on the search and figure a way to get it to me. I would buy you that magic band after all