I need some help with my dining plan

Hello :slight_smile:

So… I am 29 days from our trip, and I am still not finished with my dining decisions.

We will be there November 3-10 DH & I (We celebrate DH 50`s birthday on this trip)

Both DH and I are “Child at heart” and we LOVE DISNEY

(DH is also a chef… and he especially love a good steak when we go to Orlando)

We are on the DP.

So far I got this;

Sunday November 3 -

We will arrive POP around 9 p.m. so I am thinking to get something at POP or AOA that evening.

November 4 . (AK day)

We have BF reservations at TUSKER HOUSE at 8.25 a.m. and I am thinking this is good because our first FP is at 9.50 (Safari) Then we have one for Expedition Everest and one for Na Vi river (we did NOT get one for flight of passage that day)

Thinking of taking a small brake in the middle of the day and go to ANIMAL KINGDOM LOGDE

Maybe get something to eat there or go back to the park and have dinner at Flame Tree Barbecue or something else?


We would like to stay and see AK at night…

Monday November 5 .

I have no reservations for BF or Lunch and our first FP that day is at HS 2.20 p.m.

We do have reservation for DINNER at 50`s PRIME TIME (Dh favorite) at 6.05. p.m.

Tuesday November 6 .

EPCOT day (they have EMH in the morning)

We have reservations for GARDEN GRILL (Both Lunch and Dinner right now…)

What would you choose?

I am thinking to keep my reservation 4.45 pm.

Wednesday November 7

We have a 8.35 a.m reservation for BOG and we where lucky

enough to get FP for 7 Dwarfs, Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean.

We are thinking of maybe staying at the park until around 2. pm.

And from here I am having some troubles…
We have a reservation for CALIFORNIA GRILL at 5.40 p.m. and first I was thinking it would have been cool to se the fireworks from the roof.

BUT, DH has never seen HEA so I am thinking we might cancel the ADR`s there and go somewhere else?

OR, Keep the reservations and go back to MK for the fireworks?

Thursday November 8 .
We have LUNCH reservations for Liberty Tree Tavern at 1.25 p.m. and we also got some FP after that.

In the evening we have tickets for MVMCP so we will stay there until that is over

Friday November 9
We got FP for Slinky Dog at 1.30 and some other FP same day.

Reservations for MINNIES SEASONAL DINE for LUNCH or DINNER (will have to cancel at-least one)

Would like to stay to see all the Christmas things at HS.

I am not sure if I should make this a whole day and cancel Minnies Seasonal and try and book 50`s Prime Time instead so we only have one full day at HS?

Saturday November 10.
We got FP for Flight of Passage at 9.25 and We also have the BON VOYAGE BF at 11.35

We have to be back at POP around 3 or 4 p.m. for Magical Express.

I see that we HAVE to make some changes to this plan… but I really need your help.
We do have Park Hoppers and I will also upgrade to an AP when we arrive.

We would LOVE to do some RESORT HOPPING also.

Could you PLEASE help me with my plans?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Lots of decisions! I would do this and that will free up Monday for a more leisurely day or resort hopping or a day to go to a different park.

This is what I would do–go to Cali Grill a bit earlier than 540 and then you could be at MK around 745 for HEA–I think 2 hours would be ok for Cali Grill and it’s a quick jaunt to MK from there.

Thank you :smile:
I was just able to modify some of my FP and I think I need a whole new strategi for some of my days. I will make another post with all my plans I think. Not only my dining plans.
WOW… I have been planning so much and I am driving DH “Crazy”… “LOL”
We have been many times, but I have never planned this much since our first visit back in 2001

Are you on the dining plan? You will be in Epcot during Food and Wine but you are not going to the booths?

At AKL the Mara is a great QS location. Or you could stay in AK and try Satu’ll Canteen.

Yes, we are on the DP and we would like to try some of the booths also.
We really wants to see some of the resorts on this trip, and have never been able to go to AKL.
AK is not my favorite park… but I am giving it a NEW CHANCE on this trip and I am very exited to see AK when it is dark.

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Then I would plan to use a bunch of your snack credits (or QS credits ) for one meal at the booths on Tuesday.

If you are not going to eat at Sanaa I would plan on visiting Jambo and eating at the Mara on your AK day if you want to go to AKL.

Since your DH likes a good steak, on your Epcot Day, you could walk over to Yachtsman steak house (in the Yacht Club resort) pricey, and although I have never eaten there, I hear it is excellent

Thank you😊
I don’t know why I am having such a hard time making decisions this year. Maybe it is because DH has not been to Disney in many years (The 2 last time we were there it was me and DD)
Last summer DD and I had a NON PLANNED, last minute trip and even though we had a great time I felt we missed out on a lot of things.

I would love to try some new places along with some “old favorites” 50’s Prime Time is A must for DH.

We have never tried Tusker House or Liberty Tree Tavern or California Grill.

We have been to Garden Grill back in 2001.
The Bon Voyage Breakfast is kind of important to me because my choir is working on the musical “The Little Mermaid Jr”

Definitely hit the F&W booths when you’re at Epcot. I had no desire to sit down anywhere to eat there because there were so many good choices!

On your EP day I’d do the food booths at lunch and try to make your GG dinner a bit later. I would keep your FOP FPP and cancel the conflicting ADR.