I need reassurance...or a reality check

I think I am overwhelmed with all things Disney World. We are going Sept. 14-29 and like a lot of other people the announcement of opening dates for SWGE took the wind out of my sails. Now I am bogged down in all kinds of information overload trying to figure out FPP ect. Can I just ask if my party and I don’t care at all about FOP (we all get motion sick very very easily) and will only be very mildly disappointed if we just skip HS all together are we still going to be able to have a good time? Our priorities are Haunted Mansion, Haunted Mansion, and Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, seeing the Festival of the Fantasy parade and Happily Ever After, and meeting Disney Princesses. Also probably the Frozen ride (and did I mention Haunted Mansion?). My current thought is 3 days at MK (including two Mickey’s Not So Scary parties because we absolutely love Halloween), 2 days at Epcot, and 1 day at AK. The rest of our time will be spent at Universal and the beach.

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Of course you will still have a great time !!! :smiley:

Go with the flow, have a good plan but be flexible and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


sounds like a good plan to me. i am thinking about skipping hs for our October trip, but would likely need a day trip or 2 out of the bubble, but not sure to where yet…maybe sea world, maybe uor,. but i am disappointed that i wont get to do the other new rides at hs.

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As a fellow windless sailor, I sympathize. But I think you will definitely have a great time! Especially if you are doing two Halloween parties!!

One positive thing that I have been thinking about is that during the “high” crowd times you get a lot of the extras, like the seasonal restaurants and stuff being open, pop up meet and greets, etc. I am positive you will get lots of HM love! All the stuff you mention is really doable at Rope Drop especially over multiple days. Trust me, the SW “fan boys” aren’t rope dropping Fantasyland or FEA!


As a fellow windless sailor. :rofl:


We are staying off site and have so much planned for our trip we will probably be better off skipping that park and having a rest day or something. I am more worried about the other parks being significantly more crowded due to spill over. We are first timers so the iconic MK stuff is what is most important to me.

Shall we call ourselves the Windless Navy?


Yes definitely! It will be fab.

We are in the same boat. Our time tables in Sept are very close together. I had a knee jerk reaction to cancel everything and go to the beach. I am glad we didn’t.

The crowd levels are not horrible (if they are accurate) and as a Star Wars fan, i would like to walk in Galaxy Edge a while then leave HS. On a good day, i dislike HS. If HS is worse then the calendars predict, we’ll just skip HS.

Mickeys Halloween party is awesome and the top reason we pick Sept.

Stll hoping for an After hours night at AK.


We love, love, LOVE MNSSHP (and Haunted Mansion) too! Are you guys going to HHN at Universal? Are you staying at a Disney resort?

If you wanted to go to SWGE, and got there early in the morning (an hour before rope drop, if not earlier), you could totally enjoy the one ride that will be open. Otherwise, if you’re waiting, you’ve got all the fun of Food and Wine at Epcot :smiley:

The beach… you’ve got the right idea

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I am not sure about HHN at the moment. It is something I would like to do, but there are quite a few kids in my party that are too young, and not sure we’ll be able to work out the logistics of childcare.
We might do the beach a couple of days if we skip HS. My niece wants to be a marine biologist and we are in a land locked state. Honestly, letting her experience the ocean for the first time is a much higher priority than HS. I’ve been looking at good places to snorkel, but going in September I’m afraid those plans might get wrecked too. Hopefully not

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We are staying off site.

I’ve been hoping for an after hours party too. Although, I really don’t want to ride FOP at all so not sure if I need it. I get motion sick just playing video games, but I love small crowds.

One thing I have learned for any vacation is to not force it. You don’t have to do anything. I liked AK a lot more than I thought I would, but FOP was not the lynchpin for that. There are so many other things to do there and just walking around Pandora was cool.
HS is going to be a madhouse and if you just want to avoid that, then do so!
I went on my first Disney trip in 24 years two weeks ago and loved HM. If I could have ridden it 10 times in a row, I would have so I would say, focus there. The only right vacation is the one that you enjoy, not the one that everyone else tells you to have.
I think the nice thing about AK is that if you are not into Pandora and can get there at RD, you will have the place to yourself so you will be able to experience without many people for at least a bit.


I get motion sickness too… even in a car. This stuff is great
Bonine - motion sickness relief - pre dose yourself

ALSO - ginger ale helps if you over extend yourself. Bring some in the park with you, because you can always get a free cup of ice from any quick service location. If you happen to be at ANIMAL KINGDOM, they sell it in the Pandora gift shop at the end of the ride. BIG bottle, in a cooler… must be a common issue.

Sprite will help a bit in a pinch if you don’t have any, or sometimes I bring a couple of bags of peppermint tea in my park bag. Even if you don’t drink it, you can always sniff it… that helps too.

I know you must be getting excited - what’s your day count currently?