I need opinions!

I am planning a trip for 2022, August 21st (a Sunday) through the 29th (a Monday). I want to add one more day so we can have 2 days in each park (I did not purchase a park hopper). Should I add Saturday the 20th or Tuesday the 30th? The first and last dates will be travel days not spent in the park. We are flying from RI, staying at FW Cabins. We have been twice before, 2016 (stayed at cabins) and 2018 (stayed at WL). There are 4 of us- me, DH, DS16, DD14.

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Seems like a weekday would be less crowded. You should check here for past crowd levels - even though things have been unpredictable since the pandemic started.


A Tuesday should be slightly better crowds, by conventional wisdom. But with covid, 50th, and changes in everything, it’s hard to predict.

Also, I would add hopper. I think that’s more enjoyable than another day. And, if you teens are mature enough, they can hop to the park they want to visit again.


I agree w/ a week day here too. And don’t forget to consider that time frame is the British school holidays and they’ve been chomping at the bits to visit the parks again. It will be a British invasion of sorts :wink: :laughing: Did I get that right @missoverexcited?


Tuesday. Lower crowds. Lower airfare. Win-win


Ok, adding Tuesday as going home day. Can’t wait to plan this! Our past 2 trips were the same time-frame, late August. I know it will be very much next-level busy with the 50th Anniversary and so many wanting to get their Disney fix. We will make it work and keep our expectations tempered. I will be easy to impress after spending 2 days at Busch Gardens in VA last month. Disney has spoiled us.

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You didn’t ask this, but adding a 9th day to your tickets will likely be relatively inexpensive. Why not spend Tuesday morning at MK and then head to the airport?


Enabler! Enabler!


Yes but English schools are off the whole of August so I wouldn’t expect much difference in the number of British visitors between 20th and 30th.


You mentioned that the first and last days will not be spent in a park, so I think your choice of which day to pick depends more on flight costs than it does park capacity.



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Fl schools will be in session by then, it will rain every afternoon and you will have threats of hurricane. I agree w @dianelynn let the flights, and hotel costs drive decision. You can always add a day there(prior to last day) to ticket if you got great weather and were happy with E or MK


Oh and also, full disclosure, the last couple of trips we took I was unable to decide between when to start/end the trip, so I added both days, figuring that I would drop one when flights were released. Lo and behold, the flights were cheaper if we kept both days. So we did. Our 4 day trip turned into 6, just like that! It’s a great way to extend the trip w/o getting slack from DH (although I’m pretty sure he’s caught on to my tactics :sweat_smile:)