I need help with choosing an airline

If you were unsure of your trip would you choose to book a flight on Jet Blue or on Southwest. JetBlue is $70 less expensive but I don't know about their resch policies or what they do if price drops. what would you do. Proposed trip is in Nov. Thanks

I love SW because of the free checked bags and no change fees. We've gotten burned by other airlines in the part with fees and randomly cancelled or rescheduled flights that we couldn't change.

We love SW too and we even drive 2 1/2 hours to use them instead of using a local airline. No baggage fees is really nice so I can pack extra food/snacks and stuff. We also changed our flight last year so that we could get free dining - other airlines are a headache to change flights.

If unsure, I usually go with SW just because of their change fee policy. I don't use Jet Blue so am not familiar with their policies.

I love SW also. This trip I was booked to leave at 6:40 and the faire dropped for the 5:20 flight. I called and changed it and no hassles and no charge.

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I'm pretty sure that JetBlue charges steep change fees.
Jet Blue Flight Terms
So if you are unsure of your dates/times then I'd book with Southwest. I ended up adding a day onto our trip and was able to book new flights without any additional cost (the cost of the flight happened to be the same as our original flight). thumbsup

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Southwest it is thanks everyone

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