I need Help! (for a trip in Oct)

My life has been utterly chaotic and it has completely derailed my trip planning. Our countdown is at 78 days and I feel WAY behind. We arrive at ASMu on 10/18 and check out on 10/26. We have 7 day tix w/PH and WP&M options. Our group is me, DH, DS11, DD8, and another couple w/ a DD8 (their first time!) This group does NOT get up early. I will be lucky to get them to 2 RD all week. Everyone (except me) is much more of a night owl. I need help making sure I am making a decent itinerary for the week…I don’t know if I have too much planned or if I should try and fit more in or if I am missing something. Please take a look, I am open to any and all feed back. (whole group voted NO :frowning: on MNSSHP)

10/18 - arrive by car around 5:00pm, MK for EMH, pick up DAS for DS, see MSEP
10/19 - sleep-in, TL during the day and DTD (and DQ) in the evening
10/20 - EP in the am. to tour Future World. and HS in the pm. for a couple rides and F!
10/21 - MK for RD, lunch at BOG?, afternoon break, EP evening for F&WF
10/22 - AK morning (ADR @ TH for 10:20)… ???
10/23 - HS for RD (sign girls up for JTA). later on, take boat Back to EP for F&WF
10/24 - sleep-in, BB during the day and AK mid-afternoon (open till 8pm)
10/25 - girl’s breakfast! (ADR @ CP for 8am), I also have ADR for TTDP for this evening (first time!)
10/26 - leave early for drive home :’(


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Not sure what the nature of the need for DAS is, but if it is something on the Autism spectrum or something related to epilepsy or some other visual-sensitive neurodisorder, you may want to rethink DQ – it is extremely noisy with bright flashing lights and lots of chaotic fun. If that’s not an issue, I think the kids will love it.

Just to give you a head’s up, 10/23 and 10/24 are days off of school for OCPS, so F&W may be a little more crowded with locals than you’d expect for a Thursday, although I don’t think it would be bad anyhow.

Overall, the plan sounds great, though! A good way to see things with people who aren’t early risers. :slight_smile:

DS is on the Spectrum, I have my reservations about DQ but it is something he has wanted to do for years (he is all about video games). I am thinking he can handle it for about a half-hour at a time, so maybe we will grab some dinner in-between and just see how it goes. Thinking a boat ride to POR will be a good alternative if it starts to be too much.

I had no idea, thanks for the heads-up!

It’s been years since I’ve been in DQ, but from what I remember, there’s a few quiet places to “get away from it all” inside. On the 4th floor, there’s a cybercafe-type of place with comfy chairs. It tends to be pretty quiet. Up on the 5th floor, there’s a place to grab a bite to eat. I can’t remember whether it is the 4th or the 5th floor, but there used to be some seats off in the corner where you could take a break and look down to watch people playing Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters. Going to the Animation Academy when there is a class also tends to be fairly quiet.

Something I’d suggest possibly avoiding are the “helmet VR” games – Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride and Ride the Comix. Although they’re neat to do (once), it can really feel confining to have this big, heavy thing strapped to your head. You can always ask a CM if your son can try on the headset before it begins and see if it is a bit too immersive. (I went with a friend who is claustrophobic, and she had a panic attack putting it on.)

On the other hand, I absolutely love Pirates of the Caribbean and Astroblasters. Virtual Jungle Cruise and CyberSpaceMountain are also fun, although the lines for CSM can get long sometimes (as in 20 minutes or so).