I need advice

Some of you know I’ve been planning a mult-generational trip for my family for a little while now and we are scheduled to arrive mid Oct 2018.

Due to an unexpected medical situation we have to cancel it.

My 20% deposit on the house and the park tickets are the only things I have secured and have questions on. The deposit was appx $425. Going in i knew that was non refundable. Since trip is still 110+ days away can I add trip insurance to recoup part of that? And the tickets are all 5 day no hoppers I purchased through Visit Orlando and already linked to 8 of us via MDE. They have an expiration of January 2019.

What are your thoughts about trip insurance and what I should do about the tickets?

Thanks, all comments and advice welcome.

What credit card did you use to book? Lots of them have some insurance for issues before trips. I woukd start there.

Modt insurances are voided if purchased after the medical condition was known.

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I used my Southwest Card. I will look into that thanks @MissBelleCA

So sorry to hear that you have to cancel your trip and the medical situation. How heartbreaking. Hopefully another trip can be planned in the future.
Most trip insurance cannot be purchased after the covered cause for cancelled has occurred (and when you purchase, you affirm to that so it would be void if proven otherwise).

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Sorry to hear about your need to cancel. Hoping all will be well with you and your family. :heart:

Well the pre existing medical thing is complicated. I’m pretty confident I could purchase it, file the claim and collect without an issue but not sure it would be worth the hassle for the $200+ refund. (what it would cost less my claim) . More concerned about the $2,500 I have invested in the tickets.

Thank you for the well wishes and we do hope to reschedule the trip sometime next year. Possibly, next April during school break or during the Summer months. I want to avoid being too close to the opening of Star Wars Land and the chaos im imagining will follow.

My understanding is that even if the tickets expire but are unused that Disney will credit their value toward future tickets. I do not believe that they can do anything currently since they were purchased from a third party vendor. It might be worth a call to them just to see though.


My trip cancellation policy states:
The pre‑booked trip must be cancelled on the day the cause of cancellation occurs or on the
next business day, at the latest.
Trip cancellation coverage for a medical condition must be recommended by your
physician. The trip will not be covered if it is cancelled due to a non‑routine doctor’s
appointment for a known medical condition.

I would imagine most policies have similar clauses. I’m not sure what documents they would request from your doctor but if it’s something that pre-dates when you purchased the policy or when you cancelled the trip you might not be able to get the claim processed.

I would agree - call Disney directly regarding the tickets and see what the options are.

I’m so sorry to hear this. I know you were looking forward to this trip!

This is my understanding as well. Non-used tickets that have expired can be “revived” by paying the difference between the old price and the new price… as long as you are getting a ticket with an equal or greater value.