I need a trip to plan

Okay. We’ve been back for 2 months. We came back to a shitstorm of life immediately upon return. Anyway, I’m ready to plan our next trip even in DH isn’t. Our kids (DD3 & DD1) are only young once, and we’ve only got a few years before we start dealing with dreaded school calendars.

The question is when? How long? 7 days did not seem long enough last time considering how much time we took out for naps. 10 days?

I’m thinking Bay Lake Tower on DVC points so we can walk to MK. Or should we do BC or Boardwalk so we can boat/walk to 2 parks?

We went the week after Thanksgiving last year. This trip- late this year or early next?

Ah, I can’t decide. If you’ve traveled with young kids recently, help me plan!

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With little kids I think you have to consider weather first. And with a reluctant Hubby check the crowd calendar and stay away from busy days. That will narrow your choice of days down considerably.
And we always go for 10 days. First day we arrive late, have dinner, swim, relax. then 2 days in each park with a rest day in the middle. Always get to see everything we want.

I also do 9-10 days typically. I like 2 days MK, 2 Epcot, 1 HS and 1-2 AK.

I think BLT is a great choice when you have young children because you will probably spend a lot of time at MK.

If you’re seriously considering 10 days, then why not split your stay between BLT and one of the Epcot resorts? That would still allow a reasonable amount of time at each one.

Personally I would choose BC. The clown at the BW would freak me out. And although Stormalong Bay is huge, at that age you would be with them anyway, so you don’t have to be worrying about tracking them. It’s when they’re old enough to swim on their own but not good enough swimmers to be out of sight that it can get tricky.

The pirate ship kiddie area looks great fun and because it’s separate it’s nice and contained. Then you have the “Beach” part with sand and water to play in, on the edge of the main pool area.

May I suggest 10 days in september? Lower heat and lower crowds will be more appealing for your DH and it’s still warm enough to pool dip every day!

When to go is really a personal decision. Any day in Disney is a good day.

I have done many Decembers, 1 April, 1 July. This years trip will be combo Oct/Nov. My favorite so far is December. I’m all bah hum bug for the holidays but Disney makes it so magical.

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