I MUST Have These for my Trip

Too bad I don’t have the funds, but I want them!


These are fantastic! I may have to convince DH that his sister’s and niece need some of these for Christmas! (And maybe he’ll get me some… :wink::wink:)

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I got some socks for our second son (who likes to wear weird stuff!) that were covered in monorails. There is a shop at Disney Springs that carries them, plus other unique items, in a shop located in the Marketplace Co-op. (Twenty-Eight and Main?)

Not quite as colorful as these, but there were some really cool ones.

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Are they hopefully cheaper than this place?

I can’t remember what we paid, honestly. I have a hard time believing we’d pay that much for a pair of socks. But we may have, since it was the only souvenir we were bringing back for him (since he wasn’t with us)! :slight_smile:

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