I might have a trip to plan!

I have DH 90% convinced to do a trip again this fall! Hopefully 10 days, with DH, DD4, DD2, possibly with my parents and his. Looking the week after Thanksgiving/first week of December. I sent a DVC rental request for BLT today. What’s the likelihood I can get 3 studios at this point? We really want to be able to walk to MK!

Must dos this time- HEA Garden Dessert Party for sure!

I need to revisit which character meals we want to repeat vs which new ones to try.

My biggest concern is correcting my errors in planning from last fall. I tried to make TP to please everyone. Turns out my parents only cared about doing what the kids wanted. We wasted time on some headliners when we should have focused more on Fantasyland & character M&G. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great trip! I just know now what I would (will?) do differently!

Speaking of…I never did write my trip report. I need to get on that!


I don’t know about the 3 studios, but it doesn’t hurt to check!

I love Disney at Christmas time!! So magical.

Each trip, I learn something different, and get a little less like a Drill Sargent and a little more like a fun mom!

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You might want to consider a 2BD room if you’re shooting for 3 studios? I only say that because it’ll probably be a little bit cheaper than 3 studios and it’s not like you’ll be in the room a whole lot to where you have an issue of “living together.”

Sure that’ll mean someone will have to bunk on the sofa, but you’re saving anywhere from $500-$1300 in total.

look at getting 3 RVs at Wilderness. I heard they’re dope.

Not sure about the last week of November but we submitted a request for the first week of December studio room BLT at the 11 month mark and there was no availablity.


Wow you are right! I guess I thought 2BR were more. Although 3 singles at a value is like half the price…

Really? I didn’t realize you could rent an RV!

Well here is the crappy thing. I may not be able to get the time off work! I’ve had so much trouble taking my vacation time at this new job! Even a year in advance my requests will get denied!

True, but if the walk (and view) is a priority, it’s impossible to beat Bay Lake Tower/Contemporary. And you did seem to have your heart set on studios already… :wink:

Regarding your job issue, wow, that is insane that they deny a year in advance. Sorry to hear that.

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