I may have made a confusing choice

It seems like I’ve been seeking information from the Liners quite a bit lately…

I recently bought a 4 Day plus 3 Park Hopper E Ticket from UT to take advantage of the old pricing. I have a trip booked for August and tickets were part of the package, I bought this e ticket as an “investment” ticket. If I put it in my MDE account and assign it to myself, will it override my package ticket in August? I’d like to keep it “stored” for now as an investment ticket for lack of a better word. OR, is it easier to set up a second MDE account and link it to THAT account so it doesn’t get combined in my upcoming trip?

Sometimes I get impulsive and don’t think things through well…

I’m not sure if it will affect you somehow, but I’d move it as far away from my current trip as possible. You don’t want any mistakes when picking FPP or anything. Creating a dummy MDE account would be my choice, move your investment ticket there and then when you actually want to use it, move it back to your real account.

That is what I was thinking would be the “easiest” solution. Or at least the one with the least amount of potential for problems. Thanks!

You don’t need a whole new MDE account. Just create a new fake friend/family member in your account and assign that ticket to the fake person. You can switch it to yourself at any point you want down the road.